Adam Green Brings Holliston Halloween Horror Hilarity In New Short!

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Happy Devil’s Night, one and all! A day traditionally set for pranks and all manner of mischief just before Halloween. Another October tradition has hit today as well, with Adam Green’s annual Halloween short! Green, the creator of the Hatchet slasher franchise and the Holliston TV show, has released a number of fun and scary shorts every October, with this month being #19! A meta crossover of sorts, this year’s short following the cast and crew of Holliston reading over the scripts for the new season at Ariescope Pictures. The gang being disgruntled and distracted for having to work on Halloween night of all nights and taking shots at Adam’s new scripts. Only to be interrupted by someone online called ‘The Framingham Slayer’, threatening the group for their repeated mockery of Framingham, Massachusetts. Making for a killer Halloween night for the cast of Holliston that they may not survive…

The short leans more on the comedy side, complete with a sit-com style laugh track and many callbacks to the series. Such as the Framingham Killer in question slighted by the show’s numerous stabs at the town of Framingham. But there’s still plenty of good scares to be had and no shortage of gore! The main cast of Holliston is reassembled with stars Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz, and Corri English among some fun cameos. Perhaps it’s also a wink that the 3rd season continues to move forward? Of course featuring plenty of great bits of blood and kills as the carnage unfolds in the prop and action figure laden studio.


The short is available to watch on Youtube and the Ariescope website along with all previous shorts throughout the years. If you’re looking for some horror humor before Halloween hits, some new Holliston content, or just some more fun from Adam Green, check them out!

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