2015 has been the year of Adam Green. Not only has it seen the release of the Hatchet director’s found footage horror romp Digging Up the Marrow (review), but his production company Ariescope Pictures has been releasing short, easy-to-consume original shows on its website.

The first such show was Adam Green’s Scary Sleepover, which is basically a series of interviews with various people from the horror biz, but set up in a fun way. The second, 20 Seconds to Live, only premiered earlier this month. Each one depicts the last 20 seconds of one of the characters’ lives. I’ve watched the fist few and they’ve been pretty fun too.

Today, Ariescope announced a third series called Horrified! Here’s the description and trailer:

Artists from all sides of the entertainment industry share their most horrifying personal stories in this new, confessional-style series hosted by Corri English (HOLLISTON). From mortifying embarrassments, to comical moments of humility, to truly terrifying real life encounters…HORRIFIED is part comedy, part horror, and full-on therapy. The series premieres July 17th with new episodes posting every Friday through Halloween on ariescope.com. Created by Adam Green (HATCHET) and Sean Becker (THE GUILD).

[youtube id=”VNJ3Jn7NaAE” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

Horrified! premieres on July 17 at Ariescope.com.

By the way, all of these shows are completely free to watch. If you haven’t checked out the others yet, I recommend checking them out, especially if you’re a fan of Adam Green’s work.