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Actress Nina Bergman Alludes to new ‘Doom’ film from Universal

by Sam Angelo

Doom is one of the biggest staples in video game culture, especially for first person shooters. With multiple installments in the series containing an endless stream of non-stop, outrageous, over the top violence, it’s obvious as to why Doom has had such an impact.


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Much like all commercially successful video games, the hyper-violent demon shooter eventually received a film adaption in 2005; and just like most popular video-game to film adaptations, it fared poorly among viewers and critics.

The Doom film adaptation was similar to the Resident Evil film series in its shortcomings, because while the core film featured the action from its games, the plot and characters were hardly faithful.

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While this has not been officially confirmed by Universal, multiple news outlets have reported on actress/singer Nina Bergman’s tweet claim that she has been signed to be part of the cast for the new Doom film.

Bergman tweets that she just finished signing the paperwork with Universal and filming will begin in Bulgaria (a weird place to film a movie about a video-game that takes place on Mars).

As seen in her tweet, Bergman alludes to a director being involved in the new Doom adaptation that is proficient at writing “bad-ass” female characters and is a risk taker.

While no IMDb confirmation can be sourced for the film’s production, Bergman did respond to two tweets by Tony Giglio (director of Chaos and S.W.A.T.: Under Siege, and writer for Death Race 2, Inferno, Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy) , which have since been redacted/deleted.

Giglio may not be involved in the production, but considering his familiarity and history with shoot-em-up action films, he may certainly be involved as a writer or director.

Bergman also claims that the new film will bear more success than the 2005 Doom film.

Comic book news does point out the speculation that if the film is happening, Bergman could be breaking some sort of contract by disclosing this news, so we would be wise to take everything with a grain of salt.

Since Bergman is the only one to confirm anything concerning this Doom film adaptation, and she has not even gone to the location to begin filming, it will be some time before we receive any photos or footage on the project’s potential progress.

Doom The Movie

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The news of a new Doom film comes at interesting point in time considering Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s recent tweet towards The Doom twitter, and with E3 being just over a month away.

Personally, I am curious how close to the game(s) this (potential) film will be, since the most recent chapter in the Doom game series consists of a cast of taciturn demons, cyborg Dr. Sam Hyde, Doomguy, and Olivia Pearce (who Bergman shares a similar face structure and hairstyle with).

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