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Actor Joseph Sikora Takes iHorror Behind the Scenes of ‘The Intruder’

by Waylon Jordan
Joseph Sikora

Most people nowadays might recognize Joseph Sikora from his work on the Starz series Power, but the actor will tell you he’s been in the business of acting for over 30 years, now, and there are few things he loves more than disappearing into a character.

His most recent film, The Intruder, is out on DVD and Blu Ray today and Sikora took a few minutes to chat with iHorror about his experiences making the film, and what it was like to work with a screen legend like Dennis Quaid.

**This interview contains spoilers toward the end.**

In the film, Scott (Michael Ealy) and Annie (Meagan Good) decide to move from the city into Napa Valley and end up purchasing a home from an older man named Charlie (Dennis Quaid). Charlie is being forced to sell, and he’s really not keen to give up the home which has been in his family for multiple generations and we soon find out just how far he’ll go to have it once again.

Sikora plays Scott’s best friend, Mike, and he says it was a twist of luck and fate that led him to the role.

“The second unit director, Omar Joseph, knew they were looking for someone who could bring both gravity and levity to the role of Mike,” he explained. “He’s a fan of Power and he brought me to the table with the idea that because I often bring levity to the character of Tommy, even in those really strained situations I find myself in on the show, that I could do it.”

It didn’t take long for producer Mark Burg and director Deon Taylor to sign off on the actor’s involvement in the film and he soon found himself with an offer. It was an unusual situation for the actor who says he’s accustomed to going through the audition process rather than receiving such an offer.

He soon found himself on set in Vancouver with his co-star Michael Ealy, with whom he’d already worked with on the highly-anticipated remake of Jacob’s Ladder due out later this year. The rapport that they had already established was a boon on shoot that Sikora admits was very fast-paced.

“I think it was 28 days, maybe even less,” he said. “We had to really trust each other, and Michael had a certain amount of trust in me. That kind of permeated through the rest of the cast and crew, and we were able to get a lot of quality work done in a short amount of time.”

Part of that filming involved squaring off with the Quaid’s character, Charlie, and Sikora says it was an honor to work with a screen legend, especially one who was so ready and willing to work with his fellow actors.

“Dennis Quaid doesn’t know who I am from a hole in the wall,” he said laughing. “And yet, if you show up and you’re ready to play ball, and the other actor shows up and isn’t just trying to be “the star,” you can have a great scene together. Dennis is that actor, and it’s great that we were able to have that connection. He allowed me to challenge him as a character and I think that’s one of the reasons why it worked.”

One of those showdowns, in particular, sticks out when Mike and Charlie have a very tense conversation in which, to drive his point home, Mike stubs his cigarette out on one of the rather gorgeous estate’s statues. The actor said the moment wasn’t in the script, but was instead, a last minute decision by the director.

The estate, itself was a character, and in Sikora’s mind, it was a central symbol of the entire film.

“It was a perfect find. At first you’re like, oh it’s just an old estate,” the actor explained, “but actually that works so well as a symbol of this old establishment. It’s a representation of the old guard and the changing of the guard.”

Since the film’s release, Sikora has had a chance to see the film a couple of times in theaters, once for a screening in New York and a second time in Atlanta.

Watching people yell at the screen and talk to the characters reminded the actor of his time growing up as a teenager in Chicago.

“I’d forgotten how fun that was,” he said. “When Dennis Quaid is about to lead me to my ultimate demise someone yelled, ‘Hey Tommy, you’re better than that!'”

As the interview came to a close, Sikora, again, expressed how lucky he was to have landed this role and he also thinks the success of the film paved the way for Jacob’s Ladder to find a release date and he gave us a taste of what to expect in the upcoming film.

“I think it’s going to surprise people,” he said. “I play one of Michael’s best friends again but I’m totally unrecognizable, I think, and I love that. I’ve been doing it my whole career. It’s the best way to explore the human condition.”

You can see Joseph Sikora in The Intruder now. It’s out on Blu Ray and DVD today and it’s a hell of a twisting, turning thriller. Check out the trailer below!

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