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Actor Danny Hicks of ‘Evil Dead 2’ and ‘Darkman’ Has Died

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Actor Danny Hicks has passed away at age 68. The actor was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in early June.

Hicks, a native of Michigan, appeared in numerous films directed and produced by Sam Raimi including IntruderDarkman, and Spider-Man 2, but it was perhaps his role as the redneck Jake in Evil Dead 2 that springs to mind most readily for horror fans.

As reported by Deadline, the actor made this statement early in June after receiving the diagnosis:

“To all of the people that I never got to meet, and the 6,018 die hard fans that enjoyed my work. I have some bad news. I have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I have approximately 1 to 3 years to live. But I gotta tell ya, I sure as hell packed a whole bunch of living into my 68 years. I got no change coming back that’s for sure. And not too many regrets. Ok, gotta go.”

Unfortunately, Hicks’s condition deteriorated rapidly after the  diagnosis. His death was announced yesterday morning.

He appeared in numerous films and made guest appearances on television series up until just a couple of years ago, and he had been a regular on the convention circuit.

iHorror sends our condolences to the family and friends of Danny Hicks.

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