Techland to Release 10 Free Dying Light DLCs Over 12 Months

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***UPDATE 6/17/17 The Dying Light Facebook page gave insight it its first of the ten DLCs it will release with this video called “New Enemies.”

It looks like someone has been sent in to dispatch Kyle Crane. According to their page, we can look forward to this and new enemies in game in the coming weeks. ***

While hot on the heels of the E3 game conference, Techland decided to take this opportunity to offer some goodies to fans new and old of their hit open-world first-person survival horror game, Dying Light. After a post today on Facebook, it looks like we are going to get some new free Dying Light DLCs.

The official Dying Light Facebook page posted this today.

Dying light DLCs

For those that have played Dying Light, this is exciting. While some games milk its players down to the coins in their pockets for DLCs and add ons, it looks like the content for the next year will be completely free. After several small DLC packs and the full game expansion last year, it seems Techland wants to keep the ball rolling.

While no date for the first in the series of new content was given, it could be soon. There have been whispers about a Dying Light 2 but they had this to say about the sequel:

“Right now we’re committed to bringing exciting new content to Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition and we don’t have any announcement to share regarding a sequel at the moment”

That could explain the new DLCs. According to the game’s social media account the “free DLCs will include new locations, story-driven quests, gameplay mechanics, weapons, enemies and more.”

dying light DLCs

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You may recognize the name Techland if you have played the Dead Island series before. Techland developed Dead Island with Deep Silver. When Dead Island 2 started development, Techland pulled out of the project to focus on Dying Light, which may have been their smartest choice yet.

Dying Light follows Kyle Crane, who is dropped into the fictional city of Harran after a zombie apocalypse has caused the city to be quarantined. He is after a man named Suleiman who has valuable information on a hard drive about the cause of the apocalypse.

dying light DLCs

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With fast-paced, weapons based gameplay and the inclusion of parkour, as well as the day/night cycle that changes game intensity, this game is wonderful. It offers online co-op and allows you to play as a zombie.

And right now may be the best time to get the game. Steam and PSN are both having large sales on the game, but hurry up because the sales will end quickly. If you miss the sale, I still HIGHLY recommend this game. It’s fun, intense, exciting and with 50 hours of gameplay totally worth the money.

We will keep you updated on when the first of the Dying Light DLCs come out. Until then…

Dying Light DLCs

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