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A ‘Silent Hill’ and ‘Fatal Frame’ Film Are in the Works

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It has been a while since we have revisited Silent Hill, right guys? Those days are about to change, it appears. Director Christophe Ganz (Silent Hill, Brotherhood of the Wolf) revealed some great news to Allocine in a recent interview.

He is not only taking on a new Silent Hill film that once again deals with roots of “small Americana ravaged by Puritanism,” but he is also helming a film adaptation of Fatal Frame.

“I am working on the adaptation of the video game Project Zero (Fatal Frame) The film will take place in Japan. I especially don’t want to uproot the game from its Japanese haunted house setting.” Ganz told Allocine.

For those that don’t recall Fatal Frame’s story went like this:

Set in the year 1986, the story follows siblings Miku and Mafuyu Hinasaki. When Mafuyu disappears while searching for a famous novelist in the haunted Himuro Mansion, his sister Miku goes to find him. During her exploration of the mansion, she discovers clues as to the fate of those who entered, must fight hostile ghosts, and discover the truth behind a dark ritual that took place there. The gameplay focuses on the siblings exploring the mansion, and fighting off hostile ghosts using a special camera.

It sounds like Ganz has every intention of keeping both adaptations rooted where they should be, which is great.

Silent Hill might be having it’s time in the light very soon. With both this film adaptation and two rumored games in the works.

What do you guys think? Excited to return to Silent Hill? What do you think about a film adaptation of Fatal Frame? Let us know in the comments section.

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