A Serial Killing Drone Runs Amok in ‘The Drone’

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The Drone is all about a killer drone that absolutely loves running amok by serial killin’ as many people as it can find. Think Child’s Play but in place of the lovable killer scamp, Chucky, you have a feverish and mischievous serial killing drone.

The film film comes from the dudes who brought us the hilarious cult gem that is Zombeavers, and very much delivers on that same tone… minus the beavers.

Here, you follow the newly wed couple of Chris (John Brotherton) and Rachel (Alex Essoe). While moving into their new life together they discover a drone that looks to have been thrown in the garbage oustside their home. Chris takes a fancy to the drone and brings it into his home. Little do they know, that drone holds the soul of a notorious serial killer known as The Violator (Neil Sandilands), and will stop at nothing to destroy this couple’s relationship and ultimately massacre both of them in the process.

The Drone is in no way taking itself seriously and director, Jordan Rubin, as well as writers Jon and Al Kaplan do a nice job of keeping the tone of the film entirely over-the-top and playful. Again, if you have seen Zombeavers you know the tone I’m talking about.

It’s nice mix of b-horror, Child’s Play and 90’s films like The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. Primarily because a serial killer directs his soul into an inanimate object before he dies, and cause the drone begins by trying to destroy the couple’s relationship instead of just straight up killing them, with a very Rebecca De Mornay methodology. That’s a deep cut reference, you guys. Also, I just totally showed my age. Also, look up The Hand That Rocks the Cradle cause it’s a hoot.

The killer drone in the film, much like the script, completely makes up the rules as it goes along. I left completely unsure what feats the drone was capable of pulling off. But, boy let me tell you there are a more than a few. Transformations, possession, combat, proctology? Check. On all accounts, check.

The film perfectly boils down to a scene between Essoe and the drone, in which the drone bites her by the hair (yep, I said bites) and drags her a pretty good distance before slamming her into a wall. See, that scene is already a hilarious visual but is pulled into the silly goose verse when the drone audibly spits the hair out. I don’t know whose idea that was but it was one made of pure genius.

The Drone is a feast of b-movie fun and one that is made better in a hangout/movie night scenario. It’s a small budget film that has no problem being completely silly, bloody and it’s refreshing to have that in our horror diet from time to time. With Halloween just around the corner this is a good one to queue up for any upcoming parties.


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