A ‘Resident Evil’ Reboot is Already Being Planned

Paul AloisioNewsLeave a Comment

The Resident Evil film franchise just ended with this year’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Except, it didn’t actually end. Believe it or not, a reboot is already being planned. Surprise!

This weekend, Martin Moszkowicz confirmed so much in an interview with Variety at Cannes film festival. Moszkowics is the head of Constantin Film, which has produced all of the films in the franchise thus far. Constantin Films owns the film rights to the series. No further details about the future of the franchise have been given, but we can safely assume that Milla Jovovich will not be returning. This is a reboot, after all.


While some may find this news surprising, the box office numbers don’t lie. After the “final” chapter in the series grossed $312 million worldwide, the franchise has been a steady source of heavy income for all parties involved. And if you’ve ever paid attention to just about any successful horror franchise, you should be well aware by now that any movie claiming to be the end of a successful series is never actually the end. Lest we forget, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter was released in 1984 and A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy’s Dead was released in 1991. Jason and Freddy have, quite obviously, both returned multiple times since.

Is it too soon? I really don’t think that’s my call to make. After all, the demand for more is clearly there, given the numbers that the franchise has been pulling in. If the world really is tired of Resident Evil films, then they’ve been spending their money very, very poorly, coming in droves to watch movies that they’re sick of.

As we find more details about the reboot, you can be sure that iHorror will keep you updated. Stay tuned and let us know your feelings about the franchise in the comments.