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A Quiet Place Has Earned a Sequel – and Already Has a Release Date

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After earning over $300 million worldwide, A Quiet Place has earned a sequel with Paramount Pictures. Though details are firmly under wraps, a release date has been announced for May 15, 2020.

Studio chairman Jim Gianopulos has confirmed that Paramount is already developing the project. Both John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have expressed interest in working together again, but so far there is no telling what the extent of their involvement will be (though it’s noted that Krasinski will be “intimately involved”).

via Insider

We can only speculate where the story will go, especially after coming to such a satisfying conclusion. Possibilities range from a continuation to a parallel storyline focusing on a different location (an idea which Krasinski has expressed interest in exploring), or maybe even a prequel examining how this silent world began.

Though the project is still in development, we will all surely be listening for A Quiet Place.

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