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‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’: Wes Craven’s Estate Taking Movie Pitches

by Michael Carpenter

Horror is full of great franchises, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be A Nightmare on Elm Street. I love them all to varying degrees, even the one’s most people don’t, like Freddy’s Revenge and Freddy’s Dead. Well aside, from the forgettable remake.

Unfortunately, next year will mark a full decade since horror fans have been treated to a new A Nightmare on Elm Street movie, which is far too long. Even if Robert Englund is firmly retired as Freddy, the character is just too iconic and interesting to put on ice.

Thankfully, it looks like our Freddy drought might be ending sooner or later. According to Bloody Disgusting, the estate of late director Wes Craven is now accepting pitches for both a possible new Freddy movie and a possible new HBO Max streaming series.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Things are in the very early stages, so there’s no info on if the potential projects would be reboots or sequels to the old series, and whether or not Robert Englund will be in any way involved. Earlier this year, Craven’s estate regained the rights to the franchise.

While some will be quick to say it’s Englund or nothing, I’m open to a new actor playing Freddy. After all, it wasn’t Jackie Earle Haley’s performance that made the remake bad, it was a disappointing script and a lead actress who clearly didn’t want to be there.

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