Article by: William Brower – Author and Paranormal Investigator


Loxahatchee Road is a two way street that stretches for almost three miles through Broward county Florida.  It is the epitome of a roadway in each horror film; a deep canal sits on one side of the street while trees and shrubbery adorn the opposite end.  Streetlights are sparse and sit only near the turning point from the main highway.  Since its creation about thirty years ago there have been approximately twenty seven fatal car accidents, most of them drag racers who lost control at the wheel before plunging into the water.


A friend of mine had told me about the road after attending a barbeque on the grounds, what drew my attention though was when she mentioned what she called “demonic faces” that appeared behind their group once pictures were taken and developed. I spent two months researching the history of the road itself and the accidents that took place there.  This was going to become my introduction to paranormal investigation so I planned ahead by selecting my closest friends to help document everything.


We were an odd sort to investigate this area, Fred Williams works as a deli clerk in the town grocery store but is also a druid.  His wife Callie is Native American and is in tune with the elements, rounding the last part was my wife Cindy who has mediumistic ability and me.  Because of schedule conflicts the earliest time we were able to go was late September, the night we finally gathered happened to be the moment both Callie and Fred had selected Halloween costumes so it made the sight slightly funny as they arrived garbed in black capes and makeup.


The radio was shut down as we turned onto Lox shortly after 9pm, we kept quiet each lost in thought as the lights of civilization was replaced with pitch darkness and a constant hum of power lines from around us.  Five minutes later I found a spot to park the car and we walked into the humidity armed with cameras and recorders unaware of what challenges lay in store during those hours there.


Our first location was an area that we dubbed the “abandoned house” which was a line of property surrounded by a chain link fence, inside was foundations for a building nestled among trees and foliage.  Cindy and Callie walked across the street to the waters edge while Fred and I explored the property line and snapped random pictures at three minute intervals.  The entire section was silent except for the hum of power lines, not even insects were to be found.  A half hour later we decided to drive across one of the bridges and park near a horse ranch, fifteen feet from the house is a dirt path that leads to an open barren field.  Once again we took pictures every three minutes while continuously recording audio waiting to see if questions would be answered.


After an hour we continued down past an abandoned ranger station and soon parked the car beside another dirt path that led to an open field once again, Fred walked by a barrier taking pictures along the water and opposite banks until discovering a bridge leading to the opposite shore.  The silence in this portion of the road was deafening as the four of us kept in the center and walked towards the water.  Cindy moved passed us and was soon a blur of shadows in the distance.  Callie called to her while Fred and I approached slowly.


The woman standing before us wasn’t my wife Cindy that is the best way I can explain.  She stood facing us and by the light of our flash lights all of us saw dark circles around her eyes which also had changed color from hazel to almost black,


“I can’t move” she said to us in a deeper voice than normal.


I took a series of pictures as we came upon her and tried to move her closer towards me, something held her legs and each tug seemed like moving through thick mud.  Fred joined my effort and between both of us carried Cindy to the car, once starting the engine we had mosquitoes fly out from the air conditioning vents!  All of us turned to faith and began reciting prayers and before turning towards the highway parked on the outskirts of Lox then laid hands across Cindy while Fred burned sage and spoke in tongue.  To review what transpired we stopped at a Dennys and over coffee looked at the pictures, both Fred and I had one last surprise that we finally saw under regular light, on the hands we held Cindy with there appeared to be scratches and bruises although we didn’t feel any pain.


The audio recording yielded nothing except for white noise broken by our questions and conversations.  Visually we managed to have struck jackpot between all the locations covered.  Ten feet above the fence of the “abandoned house” an orb was caught in the trees, at a slight magnification from the camera revealed a partial face in the center.  An orb with dogs features appeared in the batch taken from the open field, while in the spot where Fred photographed the opposite bank revealed a figure standing beside a red light that wasn’t visible to any of us.  Perhaps the most amazing were from the bridge and at Dennys between seeing spots on Cindy’s clothes pulled taught by unknown sources plus the painless wounds on our hands.


Between the water and power lines Loxahatchee Road is a highly active location however I wouldn’t invite amateur investigators or those with developing abilities to explore this patch though.  I’m not saying this to sound abrasive mind you, whatever is around that road is a powerful force that took all of us almost two days to recover from.