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9-Disc Christopher Lee Eurocrypt Box Set Arrives Later This Month

by Trey Hilburn III
Christopher Lee

The master of iconic, classic, Hammer horror is an icon for a reason. Christopher Lee, was in the genre for his entire life by choice with an upmost understanding and respect of the films. Mostly, his work was distributed through Hammer horror, but he also gave life to a ton of other roles outside of that world. His character of Saruman in Lord of the Rings is as iconic as Darth Vader. Tim Burton has constantly used him in cameo roles through his career as well. Severin’s upcoming 9-Disc The Eurocrypt of Christopher Lee Collection is going to be an incredible and must-own set for any self-respecting horror fan. Especially, if said horror fans is into the classics.

The Severin Films set comes with a host of an eclectic selection of films that include Crypt of the Vampire, Castle of the Living Dead, Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace, The Torture Chamber of Doctor Sadism, Challenge of the Devil and Theater Macabre. That is a heck of a lineup! Just to be able to watch Challenge of the Devil is going to be a treat and to see it with the clarity of blu-ray is an all out honor.

The massive list of The Eurocrypt of Christopher Lee Collection goes like this:

  • DISC 1: Audio Commentary with Mondo Digital’s Nathaniel Thompson & Film Writer Troy Howarth; Audio Commentary with Film Writer Kat Ellinger; From The Castle To The Academy – Interview with Master Producer Paul Maslansky
  • DISC 1 Continued: The Castle Of The Mystery Man – Roberto Curti, Author of ‘Mavericks of Italian Cinema,’ on Writer / Director Warren Kiefer + CD Soundtrack
  • DISC 2: Dance With The Devil – Interview with Roberto Curti, Author of ‘Mavericks of Italian Cinema’; The Importance Of Being Giorgio – Interview with Giorgio Ardisson Over Two Decades; Trailer
  • DISC 3: Trailer
  • DISC 4: Audio Commentary with Film Writers Kim Newman & Barry Forshaw
  • DISC 5: Promo with Christopher Lee
  • DISC 7: Audio Commentary by Mondo Digital’s Nathaniel Thompson and Film Writer Troy Howarth; Audio Interview with Actress Karin Dor (German with English subs); Location Featurette; Theatrical Trailer (German); Teaser Trailer
  • DISC 7 Continued: Die Schlangengrube – Die Burg des Grauens – German Super 8 Digest Short; Die Schlangengrube des Grafen Dracula – German Super 8 Digest Short; Poster Gallery; Behind the Scenes Still Gallery; Restoration Slideshow
  • DISC 8: HORROR!!! 1964 Swiss Documentary Short by Pierre Koralnik Featuring Interviews; Behind The Mask – Christopher Lee Remembers Boris Karloff; Colin Grimshaw Interviews Christopher Lee in 1975
  • DISC 8 Continued: 1985 Audio Interview with Christopher Lee, Accompanied by stills from The Del Valle Archive & Video Introduction with David Del Valle; Monsters & Vampires – Interview with Pioneering Horror Movie Historian Alan Frank
  • DISC 8 Continued: The Crypt Keepers – Making of CRYPT OF THE VAMPIRE with Screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi, Assistant Director Tonino Valerii and Film Historian Fabio Melelli; ‘It’s Now Or Never’ & ‘She’ll Fall For Me’ Christopher Lee & Gary Curtis
  • DISC 8 Continued: Outtakes from TO THE DEVIL… A DAUGHTER / THEATRE OF DEATH 2001 DVD interview session covering the most frightening films ever, BLACK MASSES, POLICE ACADEMY 7 & More (15 mins)
  • DISC 8 Continued: University College Dublin 2011 Q&A with Sir Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee

The set comes with 9 discs but only has a total of 5 films in the set. The other discs are made up of a soundtrack to Castle of the Living Dead and other supplemental materials mentioned above. I really dig this set cause it plays like a b-sides of greatness and is made up with some underrated classics.

Each of the films has been remastered from its original negative and should all look really fantastic. We will know more after we get our hands on it.

You can head over to MVD Entertainment Group’s page to pickup your copy of the set right here.

Are you going to pick up this super elegant box set? What is our favorite Christopher Lee film out of this set? Let us know in the comments section.

Tales From the Crypt and The Mod Squad’s Clarence Williams III has passed away at the age of 81. Read more here.

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