80s Classic ‘The Changeling’ Finally Headed to Blu-Ray

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One of the longest-standing traditions in the horror genre is the good old-fashioned haunted house story. From The Haunting to The Shining to Poltergeist, fan enthusiasm for a well-done haunted house tale will likely never run dry.

A haunted house movie that doesn’t get nearly enough love in my opinion is 1980’s The Changeling, starring the great George C. Scott. While those who’ve seen the film tend to rave about it, it’s quite likely to have gone unseen by lots of younger horror fans.

One reason for The Changeling falling out of the public consciousness a bit is lack of ready availability. It’s not available on any of the major streaming services, and it’s only ever been released to DVD one-time, many years ago in one of those awful snapper cases.

That DVD – released back in 2005 – was also completely bare bones when it came to extra features. Thankfully, that injustice is about to be rectified, as Blu-Ray.com reports that Severin Films has created a 4K restoration of the film.

This restoration recently screened for a week at New York City’s Metrograph theater, and will soon head to Blu-Ray. Full details have yet to be announced, but are likely to be revealed soon. If you haven’t seen The Changeling, do your best to go in spoiler-free.

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