5. Get a Jump on Planning Your Halloween Party

Standing in a goofy costume silently sipping your drink at a lame Halloween party is a special kind of hell. It’s even worse when you’re the devil who hosted it. Allow yourself time to organize a night of fun, terrifying festivities that guests can get excited for, and start planning your celebration early so people can mark it on their calendars. The devil is in the details.

6. Listen to Creepy Horror Podcasts

Working on your computer or driving home on a foggy night dreaming about black cats and witches? Turn on a horror podcast like the Lore Podcast or The NoSleep Podcast for some chilling tales to hold you over until October 31st. Be sure to also catch up on the Lore TV series on Amazon, which has the second season premiering on October 19th!

7. Start Stocking Up on Halloween Candy

Many stores are already stocking Halloween essentials, and that includes candy. You’ll likely find a lot of candy aisles will already be raided if you wait until the last minute to buy it. If you have tremendous willpower, you could always stock up early before the prices are inflated, and the candy is all picked through. Better yet, even if you eat it all before the big night, you have plenty of time to go back for more.

8. Watch Some Scary Short Films

We all love breaking out the feature-length horror classics for our Halloween marathons every year. But if you want to save Trick ‘r Treat for Halloween night, there is an endless selection of free short horror films online just waiting to be discovered! Everything from paranormal, to slashers, to animated horror shorts. There are even Halloween themed shorts, such as Is That You by The Witching Season! Be sure to check back every weekend when we spotlight short films for Horror Short Sunday!

Have more suggestions on how to prepare early for the Halloween Season? Share your ideas in the comments!