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8 Ways for Horror Junkies to Survive Until Halloween

by Eric Panico

The period from August until Halloween feels like it should be called “The Long Hallowait.” Summer is winding down, and the season of mischief looms on the horizon. Oh, yes, friends. Horror movies, the brisk autumn air, rustling leaves, and jack-o-lanterns will soon be upon us.

Since many of your brains may have already switched into Halloween mode, we’ve come up with a list of ways to help you survive until the spookiest night of the year finally arrives!

1. Start Reading a Horror Novel

Readers may want to pick up those copies of IT that have been lurking patiently on their bookshelves (or Kindle) when Halloween is just days away. However, if you don’t finish those lengthy horror novels before October ends, then you may lose interest when your attention turns to the warm, fuzzy season of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Start reading those Stephen King novels now, and finish them right around Halloween to enhance the experience. If you think a book that’s several hundred pages long sounds too daunting, then why not try some short horror stories instead?

2. Prep an Awesome Halloween Costume

Store bought costumes are cheap looking, ridiculously expensive, and never the standout at a party. However, the best homemade costumes are usually quite time consuming to put together, which we often realize when we’re scrambling right before a party. Instead of trying to throw together a last-minute outfit, now is a good time to begin prepping one mind-blowing, creepy ensemble for that costume contest. Imagine how long it took Hellraiser’s Pinhead to get all those needles just right!

3. Take a Spooky Fall Trip

If you’re looking for a change of pace from the typical Halloween parties and handing out candy, why not make everyone jealous with a trip this fall? Maybe book your own cabin in the woods for a fun, spooky weekend filled with horror movies and campfires, take a tour of a famous haunted location, or attend a big Halloween celebration, such as Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios! Tickets are currently available for the 2018 season at Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando!

4. Binge a Horror TV Series

A horror TV series is a great way to get in the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve, but even the most dedicated binger would have trouble breezing through all the great shows the week of Halloween. Now would be a perfect time to catch up on or rewatch the plethora of horror series like American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Penny Dreadful, The Terror, and Castle Rock!

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