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8 Horror Shorts Show Technology is the True Killer

by Eric Panico

Unfriended: Dark Web has hit theaters this weekend giving audiences more reasons to fear technology. It seems only fitting to bring fans a compilation of horror shorts from around the dark recesses of the web that do the same. Many horror directors have embraced the opportunities electronic devices offer to create clever scares, and these creepy films are some of our favorite examples.

Cam Closer (2013)

The only thing scarier than food photography is ghost photography, as one woman finds out when her dull photo-op turns nightmarish. Writer/Director David F. Sandberg’s short film Lights Out launched his Hollywood career, but his other two-minute horror vignettes like Cam Closer deserve just as much attention.

Sandberg has a knack for bait-and-switch scares, and Cam Closer’s ending will leave one bone-chilling image burned into your brain.

Alexia (2013)

A guilt-stricken man whose ex-girlfriend committed suicide after their breakup realizes her spirit may not be ready to let him go yet. We recently spotlighted Andrés Borghi’s supernatural horror short Alexia as a film fans of the first Unfriended should definitely check out for its similarly spooky concept with a more traditional film style.

A. Friend (2015)

Accepting a Facebook friend request from a profile you don’t recognize may not be without its consequences. The creepiest thing about A. Friend is just how plausible it seems to be. This Thinly Sliced short by Erwann Kerroc’h, Amaury Dequé, and Guillaume Le Moal will make you seriously think about deleting your social media accounts.

Pictures (2015)

A woman discovers the photos on her phone are revealing what will happen a few moments in the future…but there is something else lurking in the images. As if seeing malevolent entities on your camera phone wasn’t bad enough, S.L. Allred’s eerie short film Pictures adds clairvoyance to the list of supernatural features. That’s a hell of a camera…

SNAP (2015)

Social media is all about connecting people, but sometimes they may not be people you want to connect with. SNAP is a short film by writer/director Timothée Hochet that shows just how creepy Snapchat can be. Snap at your own risk.

Stalker (2016)

A struggling writer’s phone is stolen by a disturbed individual, who begins uploading unsettling videos to his iCloud. Unable to pass up a golden opportunity, the writer decides not to call the police, and instead uses the material to inspire his next story. Writer/Director Sheikh Shahnawaz’s Stalker plays a dangerous cat and mouse game that unfolds to a satisfying conclusion.

Charlie (2013)

Dan receives a chain letter email instructing him to forward it, or he will face the wrath of a malevolent entity named Charlie. Writer/Director/Producer Luke Mordue brings us this creepy short film, which was part of a challenge to create a horror short in a single night with almost no budget.

Whisper (2017)

A woman is stirred awake in the middle of the night by her Amazon Echo responding to inaudible (and unsettling) voice commands. Writer/Director/Editor Julian Terry’s Whisper is eerily similar to the real-life reports earlier this year of the Alexa enabled devices laughing maniacally all by themselves, and scaring the hell out of numerous owners…But what if it wasn’t just a glitch waking up Alexa?

Do you have any favorite short films that make you want to turn off your electronic devices? Let us know in the comments!

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