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8 Horror Movies on Hulu to Social Distance and Chill

by Timothy Rawles

COVID-19 might be wreaking havoc on the world but in spite of the threat, it’s also giving us an excuse to be deep-rooted socially-distanced couch potatoes. In so many words the CDC wants us to “social distance and chill.”

That’s not making light of the situation, in fact, we as avid horror movie lovers are actually doing our part to help slow the spread of the virus by staying home, something the CDC has advised as a preventative measure. And Hulu can help us do that.

This might be more important than toilet paper.

So as servers get bombarded everywhere, here are my selections for horror movies currently streaming on Hulu to enjoy while we get through this thing.

Here’s how you social distance and chill:

The Prodigy

This film is scary the more you think about it. Even after the credits roll, there is one scene inside a therapist’s office involving a pubic hair that should keep you stocked in birth control for the rest of your life.


So maybe this isn’t the best of the series, but it’s actually pretty good overall. The traps are bigger, the kills are passable and the legend lives on. It should keep you satiated until the Chris Rock-produced entry is available.

28 Days Later

Although the virus here doesn’t turn people into zombies per se, the post-apocalyptic message is still present. And for that, we should watch it just to spite coronavirus. Just to be thankful that our current situation is what it is.


For those of you who are loving Mike Flanagan’s cinematic glow up, take a little time out of your work-at-home schedule to watch this, his sophomore feature film.

Texas Chainsaw

This one was originally in 3-D which is good because the plot was so flat. Still, it is entertaining as heck and we can appreciate a new addition to the family.


This was the best horror movie of 2018. Change my mind.

Odd Thomas

These past few years may have been the age of the King–Stephen King that is–but let’s give it up to another horror author who dominated the New York Bestseller list in his time. Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas is a work of art, plain and simple.

Children of the Corn

Speaking of King, here is one of those weird film adaptations available on Hulu of a short story he wrote that isn’t really that scary but gave us some creepy cult characters pre-Midsommar.

So there you have it, a Hulu streaming survival guide to the coronavirus. Until this thing passes, make the best of it. Some people hoard toilet paper, we binge on horror. And that is how you “social distance and chill” as a horror fan.

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