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8 Etsy Finds That Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

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Moms have a pretty demanding job, working day in and day out to keep their spawn happy and healthy.  In return, we get one day off to be pampered and celebrated for all we do.

As a mother of three exhaustingly wonderful children, my Mother’s Day list is short. Sleeping in, coffee I don’t have to make myself, and hopefully no cooking or cleaning.

The following is a list of my all-time favorite “wish list” items off of Etsy, any of which would make me a super happy mom this Mother’s Day.

Hellraiser Cameo & Jewelry Box Set – Villaoscura

I must admit, I have coveted this item from afar for quite a while now. This seller has beautiful artwork that anyone would love. With options of characters such as Jason Voorhees, Pinhead, and the Grady Twins, everyone is sure to find a piece they will love. You can find one to call your own for $25.36 on Villaoscura.

Silent Hill Cartoon Leggings – Lanes Creations Shop

What mom wouldn’t want an adorable cartoon Pyramidhead printed all over her pants?

I can happily picture myself rocking these awesome leggings with my favorite t-shirt and some heels. Moms can still look and feel cool, and these pants – featuring all our favorite creatures from Silent Hill – would surely make that happen.

Be the mom all other moms envy for only $39.95 at Lanes Creations Shop.

Horror Collage Wall Canvas – Design T-shirts Direct

How fun it would be to hang this conversation piece up and discuss the characters and movies found within? I can imagine the thrill of opening this bad boy up on Mother’s Day morning, where I almost trip over myself as I rush to take down the photo of my children and replace it with this masterpiece. The kids will understand, really, they will.

Artwork has never felt so right. Pick this up for $21.04 at Design T-Shirts Direct

Magnetic Horror Bookmark – Crafty Babas

My love for all things horror came as much from reading books as it did from watching movies.

Picture grabbing your favorite scary novel, and as you turn the page, you glance up and see Freddy’s adorable little face looking down upon you as you read. It’s the best way I can think of to save my place for the next evening.

At the conveniently low price of $2.02 you can afford to buy mom all her favorite characters at Crafty Babas.

Jason Voorhees Coffee Table – We Play Our Way

This table fills me with a level of Squee that I usually reserve for only really tiny things or puppies.

This is the most expensive item on the list, but looks to be well worth the splurge. This crafter gifts us with an amazing image of our favorite campground killer looking badass and terrifying as only Jason can.  

There is nothing I would love more – after a hard day of “Mom-ing” – than to rest my tired feet right on that toasty fire and pretend I am camping at Crystal Lake.

Mom is definitely worth the $99.99 you’ll pay for this table at We Play Our Way.

Classic Horror Pin-Up Dress – Vintage Galeria

It is now time to pay homage to the classics with this vintage horror dress.  

This piece has been carefully crafted with amazing old school horror icons like Frankenstein and Dracula. Make mom feel a little 50’s glamor with this pin-up style number; she can enjoy this whimsical and lightweight dress during the warm summer months ahead.

Well worth the price of $59.95 at Vintage Galeria.

Polymer Clay Trick ‘r Treat – Jamie Swimm Designs

Look at this adorable bundle of cuteness!  I can honestly see myself hanging out with Sam, drinking coffee and watching a movie.  He is the absolute cutest ball of evil there ever was. I love this guy more than words.  

With so many Trick ‘r Treat items on Etsy, this one surely stands out. I may just have to purchase this one for myself.  

Only $23.99 at Jamie Swimm Designs

Room 237 Keychain – All Things Hip and Cool

Who here does not love The Shining?  Room 237 really instilled terror in my younger self, talking to the TV screen to warn Danny not to go in there.   

I love how this looks like a real old fashion hotel room keytag. You just know that people who are not fans of the film will miss the meaning behind it. I would proudly display this on my keys every single day for the rest of forever.

Even my youngest child – who is too young for a job – could afford this at $4.99 at All Things Hip and Cool.


I know all most moms really want for Mother’s Day is a day off and to be surrounded by her children. The older we get, the more time with the kids is really all that matters.

Is there a certain item you are wishing for this year from your children?  What do you really want for Mother’s Day? Sound off in the comments below.

Wishing you a Mother’s Day full of all the joy your heart can hold.