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8 More of the Best Horror Comedies of All Time

by jolocus

Horror and Comedy are two genres that sound like they don’t fit. One is about making you scream and scaring you to hell; the other is about making you laugh and have a good time. Still since there were horror movies, there were horror comedies. Enough that we already made a list about them. So get ready for 8 more movies to make you scream … with laughter.

Return of the Living Dead

Sounds like a sequel to Night of the Living Dead and it kind of is. According to this movie, Night of the Living Dead really happened, and Zombies exist. That makes this movie happen. It’s about Zombies breaking loose in a morgue.

Return of the Living Dead is actually the birth of the harder-to-kill Zombies, that are on the search for brains. And it’s just super funny. They took it a step further, not only dead humans come back, but really everything that ever lived. Including half dogs and skeletons. It’s just a blast.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

We’ve all seen movies of the Hillbilly Backwoods horror genre. And now we get it from the other side, two Hillbillies going to their cabin in the woods to have a nice time, but there is a group of teenagers who think they are in a horror movie. And of course it turns into one.

The situations they get into are just crazy and so funny. People die in the funniest ways imaginable and the movie takes twists and turns you cannot predict. And we get awesome performances by Tyler Labine as Dale and especially Alan Tudyk as Tucker. They work well as kind of backwoods brothers. And they are so much fun.


Not the first but also not the last Zombie movie on this list. Zombieland, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin in the main roles. It’s a typical Zombie movie, a rag tag group of survivors gets together to survive in the apocalypse.

But these characters are just the funniest. Not only are they in a world full of Zombies, but every now and then they are actually having fun. Also this movie has the greatest cameo in movie history.


Some of you might say this is not a comedy. It’s a fully fleshed out Horror slasher movie. It started a whole genre, followed by movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legends. Scream is about a small town that is haunted by a serial killer, hearkening back to the good old slasher days. Who is the killer behind the mask? Can you find out?

It’s a legit horror movie, scary and bloody. But it also makes fun of all the tropes while using them. All of them. And when it wants to, it’s just super funny, with great characters and an awesome plot.

House on Haunted Hill

Let’s go classic for a minute. Horror comedies have been around at least since Abbot and Costello met all the Universal monsters. But there was one master of horror who could deliver comedy better than anyone else. And that’s Vincent Price. In House on Haunted Hill he invites a group of people into a haunted house and if they survive the night, they will get lots of money.

“What’s funny about that” I hear you asking. Well, there are funny things in it, the characters are pretty funny and some of the things happening make you laugh. But, to be honest, it’s mostly because of Vincent Price. He can deliver every line that you can’t stop laughing. And he always plays the best characters.

The Host

Let’s get some international flair into this list. The Host, a monster movie from South Korea, is just funny as hell. It’s a normal, sunny day, as a scary monster comes out of the river, kills a few people and kidnaps our main characters daughter, who is loved by the whole family. So the family gets on their way to rescue the girl.

Here it’s all about the characters, the main family hunting for the monster is so funny, especially our main character, who is not the brightest tool in the shed. But through love for family and his daughter, they make a great team.

The Cabin in the Woods

I’m sure you heard about this movie before. A stereotypical group of teenagers takes a trip to, you guessed it, a Cabin in the Woods, where sooner or later, weird things start to happen.

Much like ScreamThe Cabin in the Woods takes on the cliches we know from horror movies and gives them a new twist that you wouldn’t expect. It is crazy and just goes places you wouldn’t expect it to. It’s a movie to watch with a group of friends and a few bottles of beer. Talking about that…

Dead Snow

Last but most certainly not least, we have Dead Snow. Again, in a cabin, but this time in the snowy mountains of Norway, a group of teenagers are attacked by Zombies. Nazi Zombies, to be correct. And they want their Nazi Gold back.

This movie is hilarious on so many levels. Just the idea of Nazi Zombies attacking is crazy. And then the gore is just so over the top, you won’t believe what you are seeing.

So, we’re at the end of a long list of the funniest horror movies imaginable. And there are still many more out there. What are your favorite Horror Comedies? Put them in the comments.

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