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7 Horror TV Adaptations We’d Love to See

by Mike Joyce

Amazon and Paramount Television recently announced they’ll be working together to create an “Event Horizon” series for Amazon Prime. Streaming services and traditional networks have been producing great shows based on horror films, including “The Purge,” “The Haunting,” “Hannibal” and the upcoming “Creepshow” series on Shudder. But there are plenty of other movies that could be tapped for horror TV adaptations.

Here are 7 horror films we’d love to see adapted or continued on the small screen:

"The Thing" could be a horror TV adaptation

The Turman-Foster Company

1. The Thing

We all know how John Carpenter’s masterpiece ends, in an ambiguous stalemate between MacReady and Childs. But what if the Thing somehow made it to civilization, or was able to go back into hibernation until — oh I don’t know — the melting polar ice caps unearthed it?

No matter what, this will need to have the same gruesome, imaginative practical effects that made the movie such a winner.

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