Porcelain Wolf’s Valentine Line promises a Bloody Good Time!

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As Valentine’s Day approaches you may be wondering what to get that special someone in your life who isn’t the most traditional.  They don’t want a box of chocolates or a bouquet of red roses… well, not live ones anyways.  If pink and frilly isn’t your Valentine’s idea of cute, check out these newly released bath bombs and other bath time goodies from our friends at Porcelain Wolf!

In a beautifully wrapped package is My Bloody Valentine, a bath bomb inspired by the 1981 cult classic.  It doesn’t even need to be gift wrapped!  A dainty little black bow and beautifully morbid poem completes this parcel.  The cotton berry scent releases as it dissolves into the water creating a lovely scented blood bath to indulge in that would make even Elizabeth Bathory jealous.

My Bloody Valentine from Porcelain Wolf


Their next luxurious bath bomb new to their Valentine line to soak your troubles away is Loves Me, Loves Me Not.  This bath bomb is scented with a sweet dark plum and is full of surprises!  Unlike many of their other products that release a blood red fizz, this bath bomb will dissolve leaving your water a rich black.  As it dissolves it releases rose peddles along the way, and finally revealing a secret note!

Loves Me, Loves me Not from Porcelain Wolf

Want something as sweet as your special someone?  These SweetHeart inspired bombs are reminiscent of the sugary candies we all remember from our childhood, but it wouldn’t be from Porcelain Wolf if there wasn’t a twist!  Their messages aren’t nearly as cheerful and optimistic as the ones you may recall, but their sweet fruit candy scent sure is!  Each one is sold separately, but at just $6.50 why not buy both?

For the chocolate lover in your life Porcelain Wolf’s You Slay My Heart mini bath bombs will surely delight them!  These anatomically correct little hearts smell just like chocolate espresso, yum!  Instead of leaving you to soak in a bloody red bath, these little hearts transform your water into a shimmery gunmetal.

You Slay my Heart from Porcelain Wolf

After the romantic dinner you have planned be sure to end the night with a luxurious bath with a Bleeding Heart bath bomb.  The beautiful bloody white heart is enriched with the scent of vanilla and lavender.  Its bloody coconut glycerin soap cap will dissolve in the bath water, leaving your skin smooth and soft to the touch for any activities that may follow.

Bleeding Heart from Porcelain Wolf


Lastly, for the vampire aficionado in your try You’re my Type.  These plump and sparkly red vampire lips are aroma therapy shower tablets.  Unlike their other products, these little beauties come in a pack of three!  After placing one of these tablets on the wet shower floor your bathroom will be flooded with the scent of Eucalyptis!

When asked by iHorror what inspired this line of non-traditional bath time accessories Vanessa from Porcelain Wolf told us “Horror movies such as My Bloody Valentine, Dracula and obviously putting a creepy little twist on some of the more “typical” Valentine treats or gifts were the driving force.”  As a fan of the creepy and non-traditional, this world can definitely use more!  We look forward to seeing what Porcelain Wolf creates next!

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If ordering for Valentine’s Day, remember these bath time goodies take 5-7 days to be shipped since each order is handmade.  You can buy them here!

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