via Games Radar

What do you get when you cross Grand Theft Auto V with hordes of the undead? A really fast-paced, kinetic ride. This entire video is edited together using some intense cinematography. In just under four minutes, the footage introduces us to a side of Grand Theft Auto that I would love to play.

It begins with panic on the boardwalk. People are frantically running away being chased by cardio-efficient zombies. As you would expect in a zombie outbreak, everyone is going nuts, people are getting eaten, and all out chaos is taking place. The camera becomes focused on Franklin Clinton, as he jukes through the undead. Once he finds a vehicle he puts the pedal through the metal, and begins zig-zagging through traffic ; doing everything he can to avoid being wiped out by everyone else’s panic.

Once Franklin arrives at a gas station, he is surrounded by zombies. Just when it seems like its lights out, a shotgun blasts ring out, splattering the zombies brains all over the the floor.

The camera pans up to reveal our favorite anti hero and psychopath, Trevor Phillips, standing in hero pose.

It made me realize that, I want either a movie about Trevor Phillips versus zombies, or some downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto V, that would pit the guys against World War Z type zombies. Rather we ever see anything like this as an official release is pretty unlikely. Doesn’t hurt to hope a little though.

What do you guys think? Would you want to see Trevor, Franklin and Michael take on the undead?