‘Jazon and the Dead’ Game Packed With 80’s Inspired Horror

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Jazon has a big problem, he can’t remember anything, thanks to a touch of amnesia. He also happens to live in a apocalyptic wasteland, filled with the undead. With a love for whiskey, his days consist of killing zombies and… well, that’s about all. That is until he meets a survivor named Zoey. Together these two head out to discover more about Jazon’s past and to kick some ass across the world of the dead.

‘Jazon and the Dead’ combines top-down 3D action with puzzle solving elements. Switch between firearms and martial arts to destroy hoards of the undead. The cell-shaded comic book style art is matched with a awesome 80’s film inspired soundtrack. ‘Jazon and the Dead’ is home to a dark backdrop where each choice you make has consequences, making for an intense gaming experience.


2nd Studio, is a small studio from Denmark who is launching a kickstarter on fig.co beginning on Halloween. The indie developer seeks to raise $65,000 and plans to release the title on PC and Mac.

Head over to https://www.fig.co for details.

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