A terrified mother in Braunstone, Leicester, in the UK is being terrorized by a spirit she named “Jack the Ripper” who likes to grab people and burn things, and she has the photos to prove it.

Gaynor Issitt, 58, says Jack isn’t the only spirit in her home, but he certainly is the most aggressive.

Since she moved into her property 12-years ago, she says there have been all kinds of weird behaviors and the renter before her said he experienced the same phenomena.

the British publication the The Evening Times reports that Gaynor was once dragged out of bed and pushed down the stairs.

September is the month she says these activities seem to become more frequent.

Paranormal sleuths have deemed that her home is one of the top five most haunted in the country.

But it’s Jack who seems to scaring her the most.

The Evening Times
Burns reportedly made by a poltergeist in a UK residence.

“He’s the worst,” she told The Evening Times, “He’s not a good spirit and it’s been getting worse recently too.”

He likes to burn things, setting fire to walls, furniture and family photographs.

The ghost reportedly only burns the heads off people in the pictures, leaving the rest intact.

“He has started fires so I have to keep buckets of water around the house. He physically attacks me, and I have been left bruised in the past.”

She says visiting investigators hear children calling for Jack, and growling noises.

More burns purported to have been made by a ghostly arsonist.
More burns purported to have been made by a ghostly arsonist.

Her partner says he has seen apparitions of a man and a little girl walking about the house.

“They move objects as well. When that happens you know it’s going to get worse because they start off slowly, like moving things, and then build up,” Gaynor said.”They start fires, they hit me and my partner. That is the worst when they actually physically strike you.”

Gaynor thinks the specters are angered by religious items, setting fire to crucifixes, Bibles and hymnals.

A documentary crew doing a story on the location claim they discovered a portal in her kitchen floor.

Gaynor said: “Some people probably won’t believe me but I’d say come and try living here and you might soon change your mind.”

All three of her children are grown up and have left the home, and now only Gaynor and her partner are left to deal with the angry Jack and the others.

The Evening Times
Gaynor and her partner capture activity on a security camera.

“You get used to it really. I don’t mind them,” She said. “It can be a bit scary but once you’ve lived with them for so long, you just get on with things. You have to, this is my family home and I won’t be driven out of it.”

Investigator Mark Vernon is the next investigator who will examine Gaynor’s claims.

Vernon requested to be her friend on Facebook and after she accpeted he asked if he could come take a look for himself, but warned her that if he discovered it was a hoax, he would expose her.

“She agreed,” said Vernon. “She sent me a few pictures of attacks on her partner and the damage to the house.”

The home in Braunstone, England that is reportedly host to many evil spirits.
The home in Braunstone, England that is reportedly host to many evil spirits.