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6 Video Games Netflix Should Adapt After Castlevania

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Dead Space

Dead Space

The Dead Space series has a ton of lore behind it, but not all of it’s been explored. Three games, books, and two animated movies are already out there, but the opportunity to return to this universe should not be overlooked.

The original story was one of the most original we’ve seen in a horror game in years, with the main antagonists being religious fanatics worshiping an unknown alien artifact as opposed to a global corporation like in the Resident Evil or Outlast worlds. Considering fans are clamoring for a return to the fight against the markers and necromorphs, and the tenth anniversary of the original game coming up in October, an announcement like this would definitely get Netflix some cheers.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy's

I know, I know, most of you are probably sick of FNAF at this point, but hear me out.

Now that the series is complete and the story is mostly pieced together, how nice would it be to go back to the beginning and actually see things as they happened? No more easter eggs, no more vague clues, just everything happening right in front of us.

This probably won’t happen, considering Blumhouse currently holds the movie rights, but they’ve also been disturbingly quiet about the status of the project since February. Netflix would also probably do better with a live-action version, instead of animation, but either way, it would be a nice cap to the end of the entire FNAF saga.



Castlevania is about vampires, Bloodborne would be about Lovecraftian horrors, so how about some demon hunters?

Based on the first game from way back in 1996, Diablo is about a singular hero who delves into the depths of a series of caverns to slay the Lord of Terror, Diablo, a massively powerful demon that has taken a mortal form to walk the earth. It has a lot of similarities to Castlevania, in that the monstrous lord has a host of creatures under him to play as speedbumps to the hero’s progress, including giant bats, skeletons, and a menagerie of lesser demons.

Apparently, someone else had the idea of grabbing this one, as the rumor is that Netflix has already acquired the rights, and hired Andrew Cosby, to write a script. Cosby is currently watching over the final details of 2019’s reboot of Hellboy, which he wrote, so we’re probably going to hear quite a bit about him in the coming year. This will very likely be yet another Netflix original well worth watching though.

Did I miss any? Are there any other horror games you’d like to see get the Netflix (or Hulu) treatment? Just drop a line in the comments!


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