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Castlevania on Netflix is going into its second season, with twice the episodes of the first season this October. But what does the success of this R-rated animated series really mean? Well, for one, it means they might be willing to take a chance on other, similar titles.

But which ones?

Rumors are already swirling about what they might tackle next, but in the meantime, how about these ideas?

BloodborneBloodborne Hunter

This one almost feels too obvious. With equal amounts of blood and gore, Bloodborne would be the next step up from the classic Castlevania. A hunter of monsters, but instead of vampires and demons, we have eldritch horrors in the style of Lovecraft. People transform into beasts, with the most pure becoming the worst monsters.

The story isn’t obscure, but it’s not really pushed into your face in the games either, giving plenty of opportunities for creative license, side plots, and surprises for people who haven’t dived deep into the lore.

Little Nightmares

Little NightmaresLittle Nightmares was more of a puzzle game than straight horror, but make no mistake, the things implied in the backgrounds and by the characters are truly disturbing.

Cannibalism, the use of other sentient races for food, the vast physical differences between the ruling and worker castes all while surviving as a small child in a yellow raincoat is exactly the kind of thing that can creep up your spine when done right. The game also gives you very little in the way of narrative, so a lot of fans would certainly enjoy a trip into a series to learn more about the world these characters and monsters exist in, and a Netflix original would be perfect for that.



Another blood-soaked entry, for all its focus on ultra-violence and killing things, the story of DOOM is actually pretty deep. The reboot included a lot of lore bits talking about the demons conquering the dimension that would become Hell, the story of the Slayer when he first ravaged the demon hordes, and how he got his armor all the way to the setting of the present day game. With the news about Doom Eternal that we got at Quakecon this year, adding a series to the line-up would not be a bad idea at all.

Check out the next page for a few more ideas, including one that’s currently rumored to be in the pipe!

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