You may know her as the girl who flashed her boobs in bed before she was strangled to death by Michael Myers in Halloween, or maybe you just know her as the “totally” girl.  Perhaps you identify her as the girl who wore a red baseball hat all throughout Carrie, even with her prom gown before she meets her untimely demise in the burned down gym.  No matter how you know this blonde beauty you should know her name is PJ Soles, and she is a cult classic veteran of the genre.  Here are five things you probably didn’t know about PJ Soles and the films that made her famous in the horror genre.

1. In her death scene in Carrie PJ is really knocked unconscious and in the process blew out her eardrum.

2. John Carpenter wrote the part of Lynda just for PJ when he heard the way she said “totally” in Carrie.  Perhaps that’s why she says it eleven times in the film!

3. PJ wore the infamous red baseball hat you see her sporting in Carrie to her audition with Brian De Palma.  De Palma loved it so much he asked her to bring it back when they started filming.  Once on set the first thing he said to her was “Did you bring your red baseball hat?”

4. In Maxim’s ‘Hottest Women of Horror Movies’ list PJ Soles ranked #4!

5. Perhaps PJ Soles most infamous scene in Halloween is when she does a quick flash for the camera, asking “See anything you like?”  This line was actually improvised on PJ’s part!  John approached her saying

“What I want you to do is try to entice him, try to get Bob to come back into bed with you, you’re like very frustrated. He’s supposed to bring you a beer, you don’t see a beer. How come he’s not coming back into bed with you? What is going on? You’re getting really annoyed.  And then he said, ‘And if you could just do something a little sensual or sexual that would be great, but if you don’t want to, it’s okay.”

PJ could tell her was a bit nervous asking her straight out, so she asked him;  “You mean like nudity or something?” and Carpenter replied, “‘Yeah, just anything you can think of.”

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