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5 Reasons You Need To See Blair Witch (2016)

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It Will Wreak Havoc On Your Nerves

This one is a real ride. It doesn’t take long for these folks to get out into the woods. And it really doesn’t take long to have creepy stuff start happening to them. From there on it becomes a nerve rattling ride that doesn’t let up. It is loud and fast. I’m not a claustrophobic person, but at one point in the film toward the climax, I think I did develop claustrophobia. It traces some of the same steps as the original, while also letting you know that you are on new grounds, and you and the audience around you is not safe from the Blair Witch.

The Original Made You Believe

When the first Blair Witch was released, it came with a marketing campaign that had more people believing in it than Orson Welles reading of ‘War Of The Worlds.’ A barrage of news reports, documentaries and general word of mouth all stated that these kids had really gone missing. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks after the release that people became aware that it was not real. For those of us that remember seeing it on opening night, you might recall an anxious-electricity in the audience. It felt unsafe to watch, it felt like a grade away from a snuff film. We were watching something that lives were sacrificed to watch. I was just young enough to believe and just old enough to feel the weight of watching three young people terrorized and taken by a mystery entity. It stayed with me, it stayed with a lot of us.

The Original Changed The Landscape

Following the intense popularity of Blair Witch, almost everyone and their grandmother adopted the “found footage” model. Each release since has either slaughtered or improved on the formula. Without Blair Witch, films like REC, Cloverfield and the like, may have never been made.

This One Answers A Lot Of Questions You Had From The First Blair Witch

A lot of people left theaters scratching their heads after the first Blair Witch. They wanted to see more and have their questions answered. This Blair Witch answers a lot of those questions and gives you a lot of what you wanted out of the original. While it does give you those answers, it also manages to pose new questions in the best possible ways. Its been a few days since I watched it and I’m still intrigued by the possible directions that some of what I watched could mean.

The Guys behind ‘The Guest’ and ‘You’re Next’ Write and Direct This One

Writer, Simon Barrett and director, Adam Wingard are easily two of my favorite creators in the genre right now. This duo has worked on several projects together. With each time out, they have managed to mesh genres together in fascinating ways to create films that flip tradition on its head, while creating new and fantastic work. Their outing with the Blair Witch is no different. They use trademark Wingard and Barrett story telling along with new tools to tell the story in a intensely terrifying and intriguing way.

Blair Witch is now playing at a theater near you.

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