Earlier in the week we were treated to a trailer for the utterly ridiculously named Clowntergeist.  Details are slim on the movie at the moment however, if the trailer is anything to go off of this one is looking pretty promising.  If there is one constant in the horror community it’s that everyone loves a good scary clown movie.

The problem with that however is that the market is so saturated with clown movies it’s hard to find one that’s worth the time.  So to help stem the tide a bit let’s take a look at 5 of my own personal favorite killer clown movies.  Not ranked in any particular order, just 5 movies that I would recommend to any fan of clown based horror.

100 Tears

100 Tears is an interesting movie, that is the best way one could possibly describe it.  It’s a piece of B-Movie gold and pretty ridiculous in its premise, essentially a circus clown is accused of committing a crime he had nothing to do with.  So naturally, the only rational reaction is to commit a mass murder spree on those who accused you.

With this being a B-Movie the acting is admittedly pretty rough.  The plot itself is pretty convoluted as well and has more than it’s fair share of “What the hell?” moments.  Where this movie truly shines however, is the gore.  100 Tears follows in the footsteps of other slashers like Friday The 13th, and absolutely loves its gruesome on-screen kills.

killer clown

There are many killer clown movies out there, and then there’s 100 Tears.  This particular entry on the list is best watched with friends, especially other gore hounds.  This one is pretty hard to track down a physical copy nowadays, but the internet is a fantastic place for finding obscure horror films after all.

If you decide to give this guy a watch prepare yourself for copious amounts of blood and violence.  As well as  plot so nonsensical you’d think it was another 80’s Friday The 13th or Halloween knock off film.

Stephen King’s It

No list of killer clown movies could be complete without an entry from IT.  By now everyone knows the plot, a group of young friends band together to fight off a demon that feeds on children and takes on the form of a clown.  Based on possibly one of the greatest entries to horror fiction IT has become a household name in the horror community.

With Tim Curry bringing his A-Game as the killer clown himself Pennywise, it truly makes for a memorable villain.  Pennywise is the central force in this movie and it’s interesting that his clown makeup for the most part seems normal.  Most of the onscreen horror involving everyone’s favorite monster has him taking shape of the things that scare his victims most.

“They all float down here”

The original IT was a made for TV special and ripped out the hearts of horror fans everywhere.  IT is truly a horror classic and an important piece to our twisted little culture.  With the upcoming remake all we can do is hope that it will be as wonderfully terrifying as the early leaks are promising it to be.


I’m going to be completely honest here, the KillJoy series of films are some of my absolute favorite killer clown movies out on the market.  If you’re a fellow lover of B-Horror then you my friends are in for a treat.  The Killjoy movies embody everything that make for an amazing B-Movie experience.

The lead antagonist is funny, has plenty of young fodder to slaughter for whatever reason he deems necessary, and finally the clown makeup used for KIllJoy is absolutely great.  As the series progresses KillJoy even goes so far as to create more killer clowns to help add to his body count of senseless prey.

Killer Clown

Let us not forget that this series of films is the one that involves blowing up hell just to prove how evil KillJoy is.  If that makes no sense to you then congratulations, you’re still sane.  Go into these movies expecting a horror comedy and you’ll have a good time.  They can be found pretty cheap nowadays and are worth the money for a few cheap laughs.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Speaking of horror comedies with clowns lets look at the film that truly nailed the concept before it was popular.  Killer Klowns From Outer Space is a very love it or hate it kind of film.  The best way I can possibly hope to describe it is that simply, it is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lives.

The plot is nonsensical, the Klowns are ridiculous, and of course the local townspeople are so stupid it’s painful.  All of that however gels together to create a film truly special and close to many a horror fanatics heart.  If you enjoy horror comedies then do yourself a favor and watch this movie, as soon as you possibly can.

The film is so popular that we’re even getting a TV series adaptation.  While personally I would prefer another full length movie more Killer Klown action will always be a plus in my book.  There are no words to describe this film that would even come close to doing it justice.  Simply put, watch the film for yourself and discover what everyone loves so much about those wacky Killer Klowns.


This lovely little project was brought to the world from Ireland, and similar to 100 Tears it’s another story of revenge.  The major difference being that Stitches himself is trying to avenge his own accidental death while entertaining at a child’s birthday party.  The only thing scarier than a killer clown is a zombie killer clown.

Stitches is a horror comedy and it’s the comedy where this film truly shines.  The horror is there but takes a back seat to the comedy, and the kills really try to explore the idea of Stitches being a clown.  Do not expect this film to be more lighthearted than the other entries on this list however.  Stitches is incredibly dark and not afraid to use copious amounts of gore when necessary.

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a party going teen be brutally murdered by an ice cream scoop, then worry no more Stitches has got you covered.  This is another film that’s difficult to talk about without spoiling the movie.  If you’re a fan of horror comedies, or simply killer clown movies then do yourself a favor and check this one out.

And there we have it 5 of my own personal favorite killer clown movies, and hopefully you saw a few of your own on here as well.  If not why not give these movies a chance they’re all fantastic in their own right.  The market is saturated with killer clown movies so it was incredibly difficult to narrow it down to 5 entries, but those who made the cut are truly horror gems.

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