5 Horror Characters Nobody Ever Dresses Up As For Halloween

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Everyone’s favorite holiday is coming up pretty quickly. Houses are putting up decorations, Halloween stores are popping up, and people are planning their costumes. Some of us are sticking with the ol’ standbys like Jason, Michael and Freddy, while some of us try to make our costumes a little more obscure. I’m looking at you Cardboard Knight from Murder Party. But there are some costumes that nobody bothers with. Here are five:


5) Valentine Killer

A beautiful, bouncing, bloody baby boy.

If you ask around, a decent-sized chunk of horror fans will say the genre died in the 1990s. I disagree, but I can see where it may not have been the “Golden Years.” If horror died in the 90s, then Valentine was late to the funeral. As Jamie Blanks’ follow-up to Urban Legend (a late-90s horror staple), 2001’s Valentine had a good thing going on. A cast consisting of stars like Denise Richards and David Boreanaz along with up-and-commer Katherine Heigl, released in February with no competition and, a kind of creepy looking-killer. Unfortunately the film didn’t and still doesn’t hold up. Maybe it’s just me, but the idea of a killer wearing a babyface sketches me out. I think the Valentine killer could’ve taken off…well, no. I don’t think Valentine was on anyone’s mind by the time Halloween 2001 came along. This costume would consist of a simple all black-everything outfit with a Cupid mask. KreationX makes a version of the mask which is available over at their website.


4) Cannibal Holocaust Victim

Not the best party game.

I’ve seen some very, very unique and creative costumes that I didn’t think people would go through the trouble of making. One that immediately comes to mind is a full-sized Xenomorph or people walking on stilts. Screw stilts, man. But one thing I’d REALLY like to see someone pull off, and I’m surprised no one has yet (at least to my knowledge), is to be the infamous stake victim from Cannibal Holocaust. My thought is that if people can make those costumes where it looks like a shark is eating you, or where it looks like you’re riding a horse, or something else that is very family-friendly, why not utilize that craft and make some sick shit? I’m telling you, fans over at Cinema Wasteland would lose their minds! Do I have any tips on making this costume? No! I don’t know anything. I leave it up to you to figure out a way.


3) Curtains Killer

A 35mm cell scan of the infamous ice skating scene from the upcoming Synapse release.

Now look, I was born in 1991, so I don’t know too much about Halloween in the ’80s. But I think its safe to say that people were choosing to dress as slashers like the aforementioned standbys, and not killers like the one from Curtains. The Canadian flick has a bit of a cult following and luckily hasn’t fallen through the cracks completely. In fact, Synapse Films plans on releasing the film on DVD and Blu-Ray next year. Regardless, I can’t imagine anyone was like “Hey, I want to be the killer from Curtains!” Like the Valentine costume, it would be a set of black clothes but an old woman mask, instead of a baby. An easy costume but the film spent three years in production and when it finally came out, I doubt there was any sort of icon status for the killer. The cover art, which I vividly remember creeping me out when I’d wander the isles of the video store as a kid, barely hints at the slasher-status of the film. If anything, I’d think it was a prequel to Dolly Dearest. Jokes aside, Darkside Studio released a Curtains mask as part of their 2011 line, and I’m sure that some people did dress up as the killer. I’m just saying I’d like to see more love for the film and its slasher. Take your Curtains costume one step further and wear ice skates!


2) Belial from Basket Case

A face only a brother could love.

Basket Case is such a loved film that it’s not due to lack of wanting, because I’m sure people would really want to be Belial. I just think the physics of it are far too difficult. It’s much easier to be Duane Bradley with basket in arms and perhaps a Belial puppet or bust or something. But, honestly, very few people want to be Duane, everybody wants to be the deformed brother in the basket! Much like I was saying with the Cannibal Holocaust victim, you could definitely rig something so that you were Belial in the basket and Duane was a prop. Target sells a “Skeleton on My Shoulder” costume that is just a prop skeleton you wear as a backpack. If you made that back-strapped character and your legs look like Duane while your torso and face were like Belial (with a surrounding basket of course), I think you’d manage nicely. Someone do this and report back.


1) Grandpa (any incarnation) from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Series

Way to raise your kids, guy.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre films are iconic. I was Leatherface once for Halloween as I’m sure a lot of other people were. I’m also sure some people were the hitchhiker or Chop-Top because those characters have, well, character. But ain’t nobody want to be the one that started it all: Grandpa Sawyer. It would TOTALLY be a cool costume with not a lot of work put into it, and you’d have a wheelchair to roll around your Halloween party in! Wheelchair rides, anyone? Grandpa Sawyer isn’t anybody’s first, second, or third choice. But if you’re looking for something unique and iconic in its own right, I say go for it. Here’s the Grandpa Sawyer costume challenge: Clumsily hold a mallet and drop it every minute or so.

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