If there’s anything horror fans love it’s a great, gore heavy movie.  Fans love it so much that these types of movies have been adapted into their own sub-genre gore hound, which living up to it’s name is pretty much any movie with a ridiculous amount of gore for show. And of course the focus here today are 5 movies that fit into the gore hound sub-genre that any fan of a gory film should keep an eye out for.


Tag is an interesting movie to say the least.  It does not shy away from the gore as the movie progresses our protagonist finds herself in progressively more bizarre and violent situations.  The opening to the movie is a bus full of students being ripped in half by an insanely powerful gust of wind, and it only gets crazier from there. Any fan of J-horror owes it to themselves to check this entry out.

Credit: asianmoviepulse.com

Best of all Tag can currently be found on Netflix, though it is only in Japanese so be ready to read some subtitles if you want to understand what is going on between brutal executions. Be sure to go in blind because half of the fun of this one is in the shock of the gore and the reveal of what is actually going on.

Tokyo Gore Police

Tokyo Gore Police is a fairly well known movie by now and it perfectly encompasses what a good gore hound movie strives to be. Constant violent mutations happening, insane executions, and finally a special police force tasked with killing the mutated monsters that infest the city.  That premise alone kicks ass add to it a fairly interesting story and fun action scenes make Tokyo Gore Police a bloody great time.

Credit: PopHorror.com

Again any fan of J-horror should look out for this one as well, it fits all the common tropes set up by the genre and is just a fun movie to experience all around.

The Hills Run Red

Hills Run Red was a fantastic slasher movie that didn’t shy away from using excessive amounts of gore when it wanted to. Following a fellow horror fanatic who is searching endlessly for a rumored super violent movie made by a famous director, the protagonist quickly learns not everything is as it seems.

A fun premise, an interesting killer, and plenty of over the top ways to torture and kill the people in search of the movie make The Hills Run Red more fun to watch than it has any right to be. It suffered a little by being predictable and dragging its feet on the ground in the beginning, but once the action starts it doesn’t stop until the final bloody conclusion.

Credit: bloodygoodhorror.com

The Hills Run Red can be found for dirt cheap and any fan of slashers or gore hound movies should make the investment, it is more than worth the time and money.