5 Evil Clown Horror Movies You Should Watch

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Some people are scared of spiders. Some people are scared of monsters. You know what everybody is afraid of? Clowns! Evil Clowns! So in celebration of the release of 31 not too long ago and of IT being all over the news because of the remake I thought it would be fitting to talk about some horror movies that feature evil clowns prominently. Hopefully I manage to list at least one you haven’t heard about.

Stephen King’s IT (1990)

I’m going to take the obvious answer away right from the start. If you think evil clowns, you probably think of Pennywise. The first time I was exposed to anything horror were YouTube Videos of Pennywise the clown, compilations of his scariest scenes.

The made-for-TV-movie is about Derry, a little town in Maine where around every 27 years lots of children die horrific deaths. So a group of kids called the Loser’s Club decide to take on the evil killer who turns out to be the scariest Clown the world has ever seen. But 27 years later, he comes back again…

Tim Curry delivers a crazy performance, you really believe that he is an evil clown coming to take your soul. The rest of the cast is doing a good job, but Curry just steals every scene he is in. And of course his makeup plays a big part in that. He is able to look just nice, but turn evil at will.

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