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Jaws; the Quint-essential 4th of July movie

by Piper St. James

Which movie do you watch to celebrate the Fourth of July?  Every major holiday has its own classic movie attached to it.  Christmas has a couple dozen, as does Halloween, but what about the Fourth of July?  This year you should celebrate your July 4th with Jaws.

Jaws is the perfect Fourth of July movie!

Growing up in New England my summers and Fourth of July holiday festivities were just like those on Amity Island; except for the killer shark, of course.  Sunshine, the beach, cold beer and BBQs.  I have also visited many small summer towns up and down the east coast that solely survived on “summer dollars,” so eloquently put by Amity’s mayor Larry Vaughn.

The beginning of Jaws sets the holiday mood with American flags and a marching band practicing for Amity Island’s Fourth of July Celebration and 50th annual regatta.  For those who also don’t know what a regatta is don’t feel bad, I didn’t before I looked it up.  Simply put, a regatta is a sporting event consisting of a series of boat or yacht races.

The beauty of Jaws is that it’s not just a horror movie, it is also an action/adventure film.  Once the plot boards the Orca it is a great example of an American adventure movie.

We celebrate America as a great nation on the Fourth of July, not just fireworks, hot dogs, and a day off from work.  In the movie Jaws the main characters are all examples of strong leading men who are on the hunt for a shark that threatens their home.  What is more patriotic than that?

No matter how you celebrate your holiday; whether it’s with hamburgers, sparklers, a weekend at the lake house, or tempting fate with a killer shark, you should remember to fit in some time to watch your favorite horror film that perfectly coincides with our nation’s birthday; Jaws.

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