’47 Meters Down: Uncaged’ Trailer Goes Underground With Sharks

Michael CarpenterMovie TrailersLeave a Comment

In 2017, 47 Meters Down surprised just about everyone by having a hugely successful run at the box office, despite not hailing from a major studio. Sure, it only hauled in about $60 million, but that’s a huge return on a budget just over $5 million.

Reviews for 47 Meters Down were decidedly mixed, but the film clearly had a large fanbase, leading to the quick greenlighting of a sequel, featuring the return of co-writer/director Johannes Roberts to the helm, along with co-writer Ernest Riera.

The sequel, initially titled 48 Meters Down before becoming the spiffier 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, doesn’t appear to be narratively connected to the first film, and features a new group of potential shark chow. The full trailer can now be seen below.

With Uncaged set to hit theaters on August 16th, it’s a bit odd that Entertainment Studios waited so long to release a full-length trailer for the sequel. Either way, what’s there looks pretty cool. I for one am always up for a good shark flick.

The release of 47 Meters Down: Uncaged also provides another horror movie to go see theatrically this summer, as most of us look forward to IT: Chapter Two’s arrival in September. First up comes Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark this weekend.

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