4 Things You Can Expect from The Walking Dead’s Mid-Season Finale

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The first half of The Walking Dead‘s fifth season comes to an end this weekend, and it’s pretty much a guarantee that it’s going to be both action packed and emotionally devastating. After all, haven’t we come to expect those two things from this show’s finales?

But what, specifically, can we expect to see this Sunday night, as we sit on our couches and digest all that leftover turkey? Let’s take a look into the iHorror crystal ball, and make an attempt to predict the future!

Walking Dead Beth


If there’s any prediction I’m 100% sure of it’s this one, as it’s more or less carved into stone that not everyone will be making it to Season 5’s second half. In a recent interview, Norman Reedus revealed that filming the episode took its emotional toll on him, saying that he cried his eyes out for at least an hour due to the subject matter.

Of course, there’s no way of knowing whose death left Reedus in shambles, though I think it’s pretty safe to speculate that it will be Beth. Daryl Dixon’s driving force this season has been saving Beth, and so it would only make sense that it’s her death that wrecks him. Carol is another obvious choice, though she’s become such an integral character that I’m leaning more towards Beth getting the axe.

We’ve finally been given a reason to care about Beth this season, and that’s usually a sure sign, on this show, that a character’s days are numbered.

Walking Dead Dawn


The Walking Dead has a tendency to totally reinvent itself halfway through each season, so it’s likely that the Grady Memorial storyline will completely come to a close by the end of this Sunday night’s finale. Given how quickly the writers have been wrapping up storylines this season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the hospital ordeal resolved well before the credits roll, with another threat being introduced and leaving us on a cliffhanger.

It’s worth mentioning that the episode’s title is ‘Coda,’ which is defined as “something that ends and completes something else.” There is always meaning to the titles of Walking Dead‘s episodes, so that’s a sure sign that everything we’ve become invested in this season is going to reach its conclusion.

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At the end of this past Sunday night’s episode, Father Gabriel left the church, on an unknown mission. Though it seemed that Gabriel was escaping, actor Seth Gilliam revealed this week that the character was going on an “exploratory mission,” rather than an escape mission.

Gilliam also revealed that a scene cut from the episode laid out Gabriel’s mission: “He did have some lines where he was going out really to see if what was happening at the school really went down,” noted the actor. “Have people really reverted to cannibalism? Are they trapping other human beings and eating them?”

As the sneak preview clip above shows, Gabriel does indeed find out the truth about Terminus, and that truth is likely to forever change him. Gabriel has been desperately trying to hold onto the idea that people are generally good, and when he finds out that people are actually eating other people, we can expect that he’ll finally give in and realize he needs to do whatever he needs to do, in order to survive.

Will we finally see Gabriel kill a zombie this Sunday night? My money’s on a big ole YES!

Walking Dead Morgan


Originally appearing in Season One, and then seen again in Season 3, Morgan Jones made a surprise appearance in Season 5’s premiere episode, following tree markings on the path to Terminus. It’s only a matter of time before Morgan pops back up again, and it seems that ‘Coda’ will be the episode where he does just that.

Actor Morgan Jones is listed on IMDb as appearing in the episode, and Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick hinted that a surprise guest will be on the couch this Sunday night. As for what Morgan will be doing, or where he’ll be popping up, that remains to be seen.

If anyone has their own predictions for The Walking Dead‘s mid-season finale, comment below and let your voice be heard!

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