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Recently there has been a resurgence of famous horror franchises in the TV format. With such hit shows as MTV’s SCREAM and ASH VS EVIL DEAD, we hope there is more to come. To help Netflix and Co find their next projects, some of the writers of the team decided to write a small pitch for the TV-Shows they want to see. Here are our pitches.

 Nightmare on Elm Street Рjolocus


Yes, there has been a Nightmare on Elm Street show¬†from 1988 to 1990, but that was an anthology, not really about Freddy. What I want to see is the story of Freddy “I Kill Children In Their Dreams” Krueger. I’m sure there are more than the usual 5 to 8 kids living in Springwood and the Elm Street. Freddy can kill them all, while they are trying to fight back, of course.

Maybe even do one or two episodes about Freddy the human. We got to see bits and pieces of this throughout the movies, but never the full story. Give us Freddy kidnapping and torturing children, and then show how the parents reacted. Also, in a town whose citizens burn a person alive, I’m sure there is much more going on.

If you want, do it like Scream, a high school drama by day, a murderous rampage by night. And thanks to special effects these days, the dream sequences can be legendary. The imagination has no limits.

Freddy in TV

As for casting, I’d like to keep Robert Englund as Freddy. I’m sure he’d still bring it, and who doesn’t like a steady job in a TV show? For the kids of Springwood, just give me some newcomers like in Scream, makes it easier to kill them off.

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