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3Teeth Alexis Mincolla Interview [Exclusive]

by Anthony Pernicka

I finally put SKYMAN to bed recently. It was a film I produced with director Dan Myrick (The Blair Witch Project).

As I do when starting to prep for a new production, I created a playlist of music to help inspire me as I plotted the early stages of a new horror film (yet to be named).

While I was falling down auditory tunnels of suggested music on Spotify, I found exactly who was quickly becoming a new favorite band of mine… 3Teeth.

3Teeth Live. Photo Credit Ted Petrosky

It was a cover song of Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round” that was used in the movie Guns Akimbo that acted as the gateway drug into the world of 3Teeth.  

I mean… just watch this sequence of Vadim VS Nix:


I consumed as much 3Teeth as I could find. My appetite was not yet satiated… I wanted more.

So, iHorror tracked down 3Teeth lead singer, Alexis Mincolla, for our own exclusive interview.

Alexis Mincolla Interview

Me not being able to keep my hands still during an interview in Stockholm Sweden early this year because… Italian. Photos by Jens Atterstrand ( svartpunkt)

iHorror: What was your first experience with horror? What horror has influenced your music specifically?

Alexis Mincolla: My first experience was probably that movie Jacob’s Ladder (1990) which was actually super intense. I remember being at my grandparent’s house in the basement and it was on HBO and myself and my older brother were watching it and my young mind was pretty much blown to pieces.  In terms of what horror has influenced us musically, I’d say the real-life horrors of the contemporary world is probably the most influential as we often serve as a reflection of that rather than any pieces of fiction. 

Jacob’s Ladder

iHorror:  Can you talk about your top industrial and metal influences?

Alexis:  I was very much so into Ministry growing up, they were one of my favorite bands and were actually very influential in my desire to start a band. It’s funny because now Al Jourgensen and myself are friends and we’ve toured together so things have sort of come full circle at this point. 

iHorror:  What’s a recent horror film you watched that you actually loved?

Alexis:  I really liked that movie Ritual (2017 ), something about that movie really resonated with me because I really love going on camping trips and hiking in nature with my friends. I also loved the monster design and how it was actually anchored in Norse occult mythology. 


iHorror:  Have you worked on anything new during this weird lockdown phase? If so, do you think that it sounds different than previous material? Could you talk about where you think that difference is coming from?

Alexis:  Yes we’ve actually been working on a new record during this entire quarantine period as we all relocated out to the desert in Joshua Tree. As for giving you any reveals about what we’re doing, well you’re just going to have to be patient as I’m not much for spoiling but yes it will much different than anything else that we’ve done.  

iHorror:  Do you prefer studio time and writing new material or do you prefer being on tour?

Alexis:  I much prefer being on tour personally as a tour feels like enjoying the fruits of the studio labor.  I’m also just a big fan of adventure and traveling the world as opposed to sitting in a studio and working non-stop. I’m not a big fan of routines but I do respect the discipline of such. 

iHorror:  How do you feel about interacting with fans via social media platforms? Do you think it’s beneficial?

Alexis:  I think its a bit of a double-edged sword because it’s absolutely necessary at this day and age but its also utterly exhausting. I like to give a lot of my fans as  I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without them, that being said when you give people an inch they tend to take a yard so you have to have some boundaries there. 

iHorror:  If you could add a 3EETH original score to any film, what would you pick?

Alexis:  I’d love to score a sequel to Event Horizon as I’m a big fan of that movie and cosmic horror as a genre in general. I think we could do something really intense for that. 

iHorror:  You’ve gained some new fans thanks to “Spin Me Round” [Guns Akimbo Cut].  Is there any news on when your cover of the song will be available for fans to buy?

Alexis:  I think towards the end of September we’re doing a series of limited edition colored 7” vinyl that you should stay on the lookout for. 

You can learn more about the band 3Teeth here:






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