‘3 From Hell’ Makes Bank, Earns Fourth Night in Theaters

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Nearly universally considered director Rob Zombie’s best work, 2005’s The Devil’s Rejects was long assumed to be the final chapter for the Firefly family. After all, they got seemingly massacred by police. Yet, 3 From Hell sees them come back for more.

Well, two of them at least. As has become well known by this point, Captain Spaulding has a very limited presence in 3 From Hell, due to health issues suffered by horror icon Sid Haig. Still, Richard Brake’s Foxy makes for an admirable addition to the team.

It always seemed weird that 3 From Hell was only getting a 3-night theatrical release, and sure enough, it did very well in that short time, earning nearly $2 million. Now, Fathom Events is set to screen the film for a fourth night, on Monday, October 14th.

3 From Hell

As the Fathom Events page linked above notes, this represents a last chance for horror fans to see 3 From Hell on the big screen before it hits DVD and Blu-Ray on October 15th. Tickets for this final screening go on sale on Wednesday, September 25th.

I went to see 3 From Hell on opening night last week, and quite enjoyed it, even though it wasn’t as terrific as Devil’s Rejects. Any fan of Rob Zombie or the Fireflies owe it to themselves to see Otis, Baby, and Foxy assault the world and wreak havoc.

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