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Here’s to Over 25 Years of Guillermo Del Toro!

by Shaun Horton

There are a lot of names well known to fans of Horror as incredible directors, writers, and producers: Alfred Hitchcock, Wes Craven, George Romero. Ten, twenty, thirty years from now, they’ll also be talking about such people as James Wan, Eli Roth, and of course, Guillermo Del Toro.

Born on October 9th, 1964 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Del Toro developed an early interest in film-making and has labored on it ever since. His first break-out piece was Cronos in 1993, released first in Mexico before expanding internationally. The horror movie, which starred Frederico Luppi and Ron Perlman, earned an impressive twenty-two awards.

His next movie was his first step into Hollywood with 1997’s Mimic, which, while not a flop by any means, wasn’t what anyone would call a blockbuster. Mimic‘s reception, combined with some disenchantment at the way Hollywood ran things, inspired Guillermo Del Toro to return to Mexico and found his own production company, which then produced 2001’s The Devil’s Backbone, another critical success. He then returned to Hollywood, taking up directorial duties for Blade 2, giving general American audiences their first strong taste of the Del Toro Brand.

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Since then, Guillermo Del Toro has become the name of fantastical horror, making such films as Hellboy and it’s sequel, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Pacific Rim. He also wrote the screenplays for 2010’s Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, The Hobbit trilogy, Crimson Peak, and the entire run of The Strain on TV.

Currently, he’s working on spreading his darkly fantastic mind to the classic story of Pinocchio, as well as a new television series titled Carnival Row.

But movies aren’t all he’s been working on. Earlier this year he joined with Patron to create a unique Tequila based on his hometown.

Image courtesy of foodandwine.com

So, raise a glass to Guillermo Del Toro and many years more of him sharing his twisted, surreal visions with the world!

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