We all love the beautiful and haunting artwork of a good horror poster. A great piece will showcase the creator’s talent and passion and provide some stellar artwork that’s perfect for any genre collector.

Horror posters can give an artist so much room to play. As a genre, horror is rich with immediately identifiable characters, locations, objects, and visual shots, so there are countless opportunities to highlight a particular moment or feeling.

Any horror convention you go to will surely have a several booths dedicated to showcasing and selling artwork, and thankfully, it’s becoming easier to track down our favorite artists. There are a ton of ultra-talented creators that are sharing their work online (much to our benefit).

To celebrate some of these extraordinary talents, we’ve gathered a collection of alternate and unofficial horror movie posters created by the pros.

Stunning โ€˜Artikโ€™ Poster Art by โ€˜Mandyโ€™ and โ€˜Godzillaโ€™ Artist, Christopher Shy
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