11. House 2: The Second Story

Given my experience with other horror fans, House 2 really isn’t on the top of anyone’s favorite horror list. However, I don’t think it deserves all the crap that people give it. Sure, it’s a more comedic film than its predecessor, but so was Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, am I right? Oh wait, everyone hated that one too. Oh well. Anyway, we’re celebrating it. It’s a cheesy,’80s fun time that sets a different vibe from every other movie on this list and let’s love it for what it is. Basically The Labyrinth gone to hell.



12. The Stepfather

1987 horror movies

Oh daddy dearest?! I personally think The Stepfather films are pretty underrated and don’t get much love with the exception of the occasional Father’s Day viewing. Terry O’ Quinn is an absolute vile villain and pulls off homicidal maniac quite well. The only thing I never understood though, is how he was able to keep such a secret from these women? I mean, come on! We’re women! We find out everything! That certainly wouldn’t fly in present circumstances. No Facebook profile? RED FLAG!



13. Predator

Arnold, Carl Weathers, and Jesse “The Body” Ventura vs the Predator! Look, even if you are more of an Alien fan, I know I am, You have to appreciate the glorious ’87 film that is Predator. Who would have thought this “ugly mother fucker” would have spawned a sequel, two reboots, and a vs franchise with Alien? Good for you little buddy. However, I’m still a little upset you took down Apollo Creed and “The Body”. Scarring to my little 5-year-old self.



14. The Witches of Eastwick

1987 horror movies

I may be blurring the horror line here with this one, but how can we not talk about the ’87 tale of the devil Nicholson and three of the most stunning women ever as witches, Cher, Susan Sarandon, and Michelle Pheiffer. I believe there’s enough elements of horror to include it, so why not? The tale of seduction, betrayal, sorcery, and Nicholson planting his demon seed holds up very well 30 years after the fact. If you haven’t seen this one, I’m giving you some horror homework for the week. Great stuff.

15. The Gate

1987 horror movies

Pygmy Demons, zombies, and bed monsters, oh my! The Gate is definitely the most metal movie of ’87. So says Sacrifyx. This movie always reminded me of The Goonies in an alternate universe where instead they’re fighting off pirates, they’re raising the devil instead and dodging all his minions.Just like Dolls, this film has some of the best stop-motion action sequences. Ahhh. The ’80s and practical effects. Gotta love them.

Some other notable mentions include:

  • Silent Night, Deadly Night 2
  • Prom Night 2
  • Return To Horror High
  • The Howling III
  • Bloody New Year

And possibly about ten more.

Yessir, 1987 was one banner year for the horror genre and it’s remarkable at just how many were so, so good. Well, maybe with the exception of Nekromantik. I need a hot shower just to cleanse my impurities just by mentioning it. But hey, if you’re into that, I’m not one to judge! So tell me, what’s your favorite horror flick of 1987? Let’s hear it!