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6. Prince of Darkness

This may not be everyone’s favorite, but the unholy trinity of John Carpenter, Donald Pleasance, and rock icon Alice Cooper gives Prince of Darkness a worthy mention at the very least. The story in a nutshell, is a group of college students opt to spend the weekend in an L.A. abandoned church that results in a whole lot gross bugs, Alice Cooper’s hobo army, and a 7,000,000-year-old container of green slime containing the sentient supreme force of evil. I think that synopsis alone should trigger a viewing for someone in the case they’ve never seen the film, don’t you?




7. Near Dark

There’s a love story here, but the vampires don’t sparkle goddamnit. Given the recent passing of the great Bill Paxton, if you haven’t already, now would be the time to give a watch to this terrific little vampire treasure. I mean who doesn’t love a vampire film about a farm-boy seduced and abducted by vampires?! Definitely re-visit if it’s been some time for you.



8. Dolls

Don’t fuck with the Mr. Punch. Re-Animator‘s Stuart Gordon along with Producer Charles Band, successfully gave me nightmares at the tender age of five with this little gem of ’87. The stop motion effects of Dolls is a long-lost art that effectively worked for not one, but hundreds of little, pissed off 9-inch nightmares. I can tell you this for sure, I never looked at my porcelain dolls the same way again and immediately stopped dunking their plastic heads’ in my dog dishes after the first viewing.



9. Necromantik

Possibly one of the most infamous micro-budget horror films of the decade is also turning the dirty 30 this year, Nekromantik. It’s also pretty raunchy and not for the squeamish so if you’ve to lay your peepers on this German horror flick, you’ve been warned- it’s disturbing as fuck. I mean, it’s a gorey horror film about a street sweeper who goes around collecting dead bodies for him and his wife to get off with. It’s intense, shocking, and you’ll need to say about 5,000 Hail Marys’ just to cleanse yourself after watching. Fantastic.



10. Creepshow 2

Yeah, thanks for ride lady! Oh man, who doesn’t love Creepshow 2?! The follow-up to the anthology horror from ’82 is just as good as its predecessor with three new tales of terror that individually bring fun and gore to the film making it an instant classic. We also have Tom Savini playing the real-life Creep as an extra bonus, not that it’s even needed but it sure as shit adds to the epic factor. As a matter of fact, excuse me while I go watch this for the 3,000th time..