Written by Patti Pauley

1987 marked one hell of a time for pop culture. It was the year that introduced us to four mean, green, ninja turtles. Japan had released the very first Final Fantasy game. And Hollywood presented us with an array of glorious horror movies that have become present day beloved, cult classics. Today we celebrate 1987 horror movies, and the year that we learned the very important life-saving lesson that the Wolfman did indeed, have nards.

1987 horror movies`


Last year here on iHorror, I compiled a fun list highlighting the best horror gems of ’86, and I enjoyed it so much that I’ve decided to make this an annual thing. I was a young Patti in 1987, however I do recall the impact most of these films in particular had on me personally, and I’m quite sure those who embrace their horror genre loving genes do as well. It was the year that boasted one of the most successful, and possibly greatest Freddy sequels of the franchise. The year that taught us never to fuck with an “oil spill” in your local lake; and the year Kiefer Sutherland and his sweet mullet became your vampire crush. Yes sir, 1987 was a kick-ass year indeed for horror. Whether you’re old enough to recall just how powerful this year was for the horror industry 30 years back, or you were merely nothing but a speck in your dad’s drawers’, we’re all going to celebrate 15 horror movies’ dirty 30 iHorror style, by giving a nod to some of the year’s best with a short blurb and a visual excerpt from each film. So in no particular order, let’s retro rewind back to ’87.


1. Evil Dead 2

Ah yes, the year Bruce Campbell made the word “groovy” cool again. Then again, Bruce can make bedazzled fanny packs look masculine, so who the hell are we kiddin’. Evil Dead II catapulted the Raimi franchise and Campbell himself into horror movie infamy with the use of gore, great puns, and a whole lot of blood. The Evil Dead films continue to reign as truly one of the greats. Thanks for all you do Bruce in continuing to embrace the Ash character as you would a foul-mouthed, sarcastic teenager son. With a lot of love and a few light slams every now and then.

2. Hellraiser

Clive Barker’s novel of terror turned visual nightmare in ’87 gave new meaning to what word suffering really entails. The Ccenobites are beautifully horrific, Doug Bradley breathed life into Pinhead, birthing a new horror legend, and the torture scenes were so fucked up. SO FUCKED UP. Gorgeous work Barker. Thanks for all the nightmares.



3. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors

The third installment of A Nightmare on Elm Street took the Freddy franchise to another level with Dream Warriors. Largely considered a favorite sequel within the Nightmare fanbase, it isn’t really hard to see why. We got the return of Freddy’s arch-nemesis Nancy, Krueger claymation, and the glimmer of hope that one day I can be as beautiful and bad as Taryn; UMM, without the winking track marks of course.



4. The Lost Boys


I STILL BELIEVE IN THE MULLET! OK, no I don’t but I DO BELIEVE this cult classic from ’87 is one of the greatest treasures to come out of this decade period. This movie just made me want to ditch the Vegas shit-hole and move to Santa Cruz,  become a vampire, watch bodybuilding sax-men blast some sweet tunes on the Boardwalk, and make thine enemies believe they’re eating maggots while chomping down some second-grade Chinese take out.



5. The Monster Squad 

Oh man, do you know anyone that actually hates Monster Squad? If so, remove that negative piece of shit from your life STAT. No one needs that kind of toxic energy. This family-friendly monster film has something for everyone. the sweet nature of Frankenstein makes your emotions run high, you get some kick-ass ’80s montages, and the no bullshit taking Dracula assaults a five-year-old calling her a bitch. Goddamn Drac, calm your 800-year-old vamp-tits.