The “gross-out” fad of the 1980s gave rise to some of the most awesome monster toys ever made, and perhaps no line from that era is more beloved than the Madballs. Squishy rubber balls with monstrous faces, the Madballs were originally released in the mid-80s, and the toys spawned a slew of merchandising.

After disappearing from toy shelves for many years, the Madballs made their triumphant return back in 2007, when a revival saw the release of redesigned balls of the original characters as well as brand new balls that featured squishy insides – which could literally be popped out of eye sockets and body cavities.


And 2015, we’re happy to report today, will see yet another revival.

Much to the surprise of many, art boutique Mondo revealed this past weekend at the San Diego Comic-Con that they’re bringing the Madballs back for one more go at it, and they even unveiled the first three toys in the brand new line – including beloved characters Slobulus, Horn Head, and Skull Face.

Unlike the original Madballs, Mondo’s remakes will be made out of a soft-vinyl resin, allowing for them to be much more detailed and brightly colored than the balls we all know and love. In other words, if the original Madballs were in standard-definition than these brand spankin’ new ones are in HD.

According to Idle Hands, Mondo’s Madballs will be up for pre-order this Fall, with a retail price of around $10 to $15 each. If the line does well, Mondo may get to work on revamping more original characters and even creating their own line of Madballs, which will feature new characters based on pop culture franchises.

For now, check out Mondo’s first three Madballs below, and keep your eyes peeled on Mondo’s website for more information!