‘1922’: Check Out the Trailer for Netflix’s Second Stephen King Adaptation

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Earlier today, you may have seen iHorror’s list of 9 Stephen King-based films that you can stream right now. Well, that list is set to expand by two soon.

First, on Friday, September 29th, Netflix premieres its original movie adaptation of King’s 1992 novel Gerald’s Game. Then, on Friday, October 20th, comes Netflix’s original movie adaptation of King’s 2010 novella 1922. The official trailer for 1922 has hit the net, and it’s included below for your convenience.

1922 was released as part of King’s Full Dark, No Stars story collection. Set in the titular year, the story focuses on Wilfred James (Thomas Jane), a farmer who sees his life go further and further off the deep end after murdering his wife Arlette (Molly Parker.)

As any dedicated King fan will remember, Jane has prior experience with King material, having played starring roles in both 2003’s Dreamcatcher and 2007’s The Mist.

Amusingly enough, the super weird Dreamcatcher is often considered one of the worst King-based movies, while The Mist is often considered one of the best.

Thomas Jane in 1922

Molly Parker is most famous today for her excellent work as ambitious politician Jackie Sharp on Netflix political drama House of Cards, but she actually has some horror experience to her credit as well.

Parker appeared on several episodes of Showtime’s Dexter, popped up in the legendarily awful 2006 Nic Cage remake of The Wicker Man, and was the protagonist in the 1997 Dean Koontz adaptation Intensity.

Playing the antagonist in that film was none other than future Scrubs star John C. McGinley. So if you ever wanted to see Dr. Cox as a serial killer, there you go.

Stephen King's 1922