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This past August ihorror announced the new guided tour only by candlelight taking place at the world-renowned Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California this Halloween season. “This new guided tour experience promises a classic haunting, an unnerving tour that is atmospheric and frightful,” states Walter Magnuson, General Manager of Winchester Mystery House. “If you believe in ghosts or are seeking the quintessential haunted house experience for the Halloween season this is the destination for you!” Click here to read more about the Candlelight Tour.

iHorror has just learned that a new autumn treat has been uncovered at Winchester Mystery House referred to as “Sarah’s Attic” (aka. The 161st room). It has been said that “Everything in this new room is authentic to the estate and seemingly has a life force of its own.”

Read more about Sarah’s Attic (161st Room) from The Press Release:

161st ROOM “DISCOVERED’’ AT WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE! Attic Room Full of “Activity” Re-Located Out of House For Enjoyment of Sharp-Eyed Guests to Take Aim at Fun!

SAN JOSE, Calif. (Sept. 20, 2016) – In the seemingly unending lore and physical labyrinth that is the Winchester Mystery House (one of the most famous haunted residences in the world) an entirely new room has been “discovered” is now open for guests to experience – bringing the total number of known rooms now to 161.

The Winchester Mystery House preservation team recently opened an attic space that had been boarded up since Mrs. Winchester’s death in 1922. They were delighted to find the contents undisturbed after nearly 100 years!

The heavily damaged, unrepaired plaster wall testifies to the massive San Francisco earthquake of 1906 that nearly destroyed the house. Mrs. Winchester must have used the attic space as storage for many of her belongings such as her Victorian couch, beautiful pump organ, dress form, sewing machine, some paintings she was fond of along with several other eclectic items.

There is also clear evidence that she used this space to conduct séances, perhaps due to the paranormal activity that was discovered to regularly occur in this room- odd occurrences that continue to this day. A collection of rifles was also discovered, many looking like authentic Winchester rifles of long ago.

“When moving the room to our Central Courtyard a rifle accidentally went off and surprisingly activated the spirits that haunt the space and all kinds of crazy phenomenon occurred,” said Walter Magnuson, General Manager of Winchester Mystery House. “Now our tour guests will have the opportunity to do the same as we have opened it up to let them take a rifle in hand to activate 38 known targets (one for every year the incredible mansion was under construction) that unleash the supernatural.”

Affectionately dubbed “Sarah’s Attic” this new space joins the newly revised Winchester Café, now presented by renowned Santa Clara Valley caterer Tony Santos, plus the recently announced all-new Halloween Candlelight Tour and Skeleton Key Club as the latest offerings that are part of the Winchester Mysterious House experience. “These new additions may not be as boisterous and frenetic as the construction that took place during Sarah Winchester’s time but it proves that expansion continues here at Winchester Mystery House,” adds Magnuson.

About Winchester Mystery House

For nearly 100 years the Winchester Mystery House has stood as a testament to the ingenuity, persistence of vision and lore that surrounds its namesake, Sarah Winchester (heir to the Winchester Repeating Rifle fortune). A true pioneer who crisscrossed the United States via steam train many times during the waning days of the “wild west,” Sarah Winchester lives on in legend as a grieving widow who continuously built onto her small farm house to appease the spirits of those killed by the guns manufactured by her husband’s firearms company.

The mansion is renowned for its many architectural curiosities and paranormal activity (TIME magazine cited it among the “Top 10 Haunted Places”). From 1884-1922 construction never ceased as the original farm house grew into the world’s most unusual and sprawling mansion (24,000 square feet built at a then astronomical cost of $5.5 million), featuring: 160 rooms, 10,000 windows, 2,000 doors, 47 fireplaces, 40 staircases, 13 bathrooms and 9 kitchens.

The estate is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is a California Historic State Landmark, a San Jose City Landmark and one of the leading attractions in the Bay Area. Additional information may be found at Winchester Mystery House.

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