No company has brought more fun to the world of horror toys than Funko, responsible for the POP! vinyl and ReAction Figure lines. Last year they put out a horror series of their ‘Mystery Minis’ vinyl toy line, and now a second series is finally headed our way.

Housed in blind box packaging, the first wave of ‘Horror Classics’ Mystery Minis included a wealth of icons such as Pennywise, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Chucky, Leatherface and Hannibal Lecter. Several variants were also available, like an NES version of Jason.

horror mystery mini 2

Out this November, the second series of Mystery Minis horror figures is jam-packed with 15 brand new horror icons. The full roster includes David from The Lost Boys, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein, Pinhead, Shaun and Ed from Shaun of the Dead, Alfred Hitchcock, Cthulhu, Stripe from Gremlins, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Eric Draven, Nosferatu, The Fly (1958 version) and the Kessler wolf from An American Werewolf in London.

Variants of Alfred Hitchcock and Cthulhu are also part of the series, bringing the total number of new figures to 17. Hitchcock’s variant is fittingly colored black and white, while the legendary monster Cthulhu features a glow-in-the-dark paint job.

You can pre-order a Horror Classics Series 2 display case or random four-pack through Entertainment Earth.