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13 Winter Horror Movies That Make the Polar Vortex Feel Like a Heat Wave

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3. The Shining

Stanley Kubrick’s classic sticks the Torrance family in a remote, haunted mountain resort over the course of a long winter. As Jack loses his grip on his sanity, the viewer feels more and more cramped in the sinister environs.

2. 30 Days of Night

A gang of vampires visits a remote town at the edge of the Arctic Circle that’s about to go a whole month without seeing the sun. What could go wrong?

The Thing
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1. The Thing

Whether John Carpenter’s masterpiece is one of your favorites or you’ve never seen it, now is a great time to pop it on. A research team discovers a shapeshifting alien has infiltrated their Antarctic camp, and they fight the creature and their own paranoia while stranded during a hellish snowstorm.

Whatever you watch, stay safe and warm! And keep telling yourself spring is right around the corner, so we can start talking about summer horror movies.

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