10. Blood Glacier

Austrian scientists in the Alps discover a glacier that’s leaking a strange red substance. The substance mutates every lifeform that comes in contact with it. The deformed creatures and winter setting make this a fun little tribute to “The Thing.”

9. Misery

Based on the Stephen King novel, a famous author is trapped in a secluded cabin, held hostage by a deranged fan.

Dead Snow
Miho Film / Yellow Bastard Production / News on Request / Zwart Arbeid / Barentsfilm AS / FilmCamp / Storm Studios

8. Dead Snow

A group of Norwegian medical students trek to an isolated cabin for a weekend of skiing and partying, but they unearth a troop of undead Nazis left over from World War II. This one has a sequel that ups the campiness by tossing undead Soviet soldiers into the mix.

7. Cold Prey

Another Norwegian offering, “Cold Prey” follows a group of snowboarders that end up in an abandoned lodge after an accident, and they start getting picked off by a psychopath.